Installing a new apm2.5


I have a question about powering my Spektrum ar8000 receiver.

Does powering the APM2.5 via the new power module, also provide 5V to the ar8000 via the power lines running from the apm input channels to the ar8000 receiver?

If yes, does this mean it is not necessary to cut back any of the ar8000 power lines (red/black)?


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  • Hi Tony

    WOW cant believe nobody picked up your query yet.

    The Power module supplies power to the APM. If you connect the black/red lead between the INPUT side of the APM and the RX, it will power that too, and also your Telemetry transceiver.  But thats about it. If you are using a multirotor, no problem, but if you have it in an aircraft, yuo will need extra supply in the form of a UBEC to power the OUTPUT rail of the APM.

    Hope this helps

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Aug 25