Burlingame, CA

About Me:

I am the proprietor of Totally Controlled, an Australian owned business in Sydney, selling radio and remote controlled model helicopters, accessories and spare parts. Ar present I am living San Francisco.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I have built and supplied one UAV for commercial aerial photography purposes. I would like to create a product line to meet this need in the market place.


Christchurch NZ

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Tony Foate replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.0 ready for wider use
I have just upgraded to Mission Planner 1.2.58 and set about upgrading my apm 2.5 to AC3.0.1-rc1.
Two problems to fix:
1. Logs are no longer being created. Terminal Mode no longer works properly - displays an error in Terminal.cs line 415
2. In…"
Jul 2, 2013
Tony Foate left a comment on Australia
"I will know in the next few days if I am staying in Sydney or relocating.
I like the idea of some company to help make these machines work well.
Now that I have my small quadcopter flying OK, I would like to get FPV working well too. I am trying to…"
May 27, 2013
Tony Foate posted a discussion
HiMy plan is to mount 2 cameras on my quadcopter.A Hero GoPro, for a front view, and a small Sony CCD camera for a rear view.I transmit the video signal back to my video goggles using a 200mw FPV wireless Tx/Rx set.Works OK now with one camera.I…
May 27, 2013
Tony Foate posted a discussion
HiWhile browsing log files, I am having difficulty knowing what data is in each column.Why? Because the column headers seem to change when connected vs not connected.For example, the ATT data, I thought, has these columns - Roll In, Roll, Pitch In,…
May 25, 2013
Tony Foate replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.9 / 2.9.1 released
I have an issue with run up and takeoff stability.
My F330 is difficult to get off the ground nicely i.e. with no pitch/roll manual interaction.
Once it is in the air, it works well. Alt_Hold also works smoothly.
May 22, 2013
Tony Foate left a comment on Australia
"Are there any groups in Sydney playing with quadcopters for a hobby?
When and where?"
Apr 16, 2013
Tony Foate posted a discussion
HiI have a question about powering my Spektrum ar8000 receiver.Does powering the APM2.5 via the new power module, also provide 5V to the ar8000 via the power lines running from the apm input channels to the ar8000 receiver?If yes, does this mean it…
Apr 16, 2013
Tony Foate replied to ampilot's discussion How to check GPS aware flight modes ?
Did you work out an answer to your problem?
I have my new quadcopter flying OK in stabilise mode. It has 4 x 300w motors so created a few scares until I lowered Rate P to .09.
I thought I would try out the Loiter mode. Hovering at 1m, flick…"
Jan 9, 2013