2 On-board Cameras


My plan is to mount 2 cameras on my quadcopter.

A Hero GoPro, for a front view, and a small Sony CCD camera for a rear view.

I transmit the video signal back to my video goggles using a 200mw FPV wireless Tx/Rx set.

Works OK now with one camera.

I which like to be able to switch between the 2 cameras in flight using a spare switch and channel on my Spektrum DX8. I can pickup the signal on the Aux 3 channel of the AR8000 receiver on the quadcopter and take it to ??.

The challenge is to be able to switch the source of the video signal for the onboard transmitter from the GoPro, to the Sony CCD and back i.e. one or the other.

I do not think I can use the APM 2.5 to do this (but I could be wrong). Perhaps I need a micro switch of some type.

Suggestions welcome ....


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