Interesting "issue" in loiter?

Amused by the fact copters can fly themselves, occasionally I've found myself putting it into loiter, and manually budging the copter around by hand just to see how responsive it actually is. In general it seems quite good, however I feel yaw is a little mushy (bump up stab yaw gain a bit I suppose?)

Anyway, that's not really what I'm curious about. What I'm more interested in is that given enough of a "budge", the copter seems to just give up and slows the motors right down, at which point I basically have to hold it to stop it falling out of the sky, and put it back in stabilize to stop the motors.

Is this some sort of safety feature, or a bug? Loiter seems to work great without any "user interference", though it makes me feel a little uneasy knowing that the copter seems to fall from the sky if it's bumped around too much? Not sure ...


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  • It sounds like you're lifting the copter.  If you lift it enough, it thinks it has landed so it throttles down as a safety feature.

  • video ?

    also, use the new forums for support questions.

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