IOC in a Pixhawk??

I have one Quadri with a pixhawk, the board if oriented with the nose of the quadri.

Something strange is happening,  when I fly with the nose in the front and I push forward the pitch stick it is ok, then  I turn to the left 90Degres, so the nose is 90 degrees,  I push the pitch stick forward and the quadri move forward not in the nose direction in the same direction than before, I mean  it did not fly forward to the left as any quadri do. It is something similar with the IOC function of the Naza.

Is there any parameter that I should check or have wrong,  or is there any problem.

I have forgotten I was in alt hold fly mode

Thank for your help.... 

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  • Thank you so much... I was in simple.... Best regards, Leopoldo

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