Hi all, I've had my multi's and plane set up with 3dr radio telemetry & OSD etc, I just want the ground station functionality in the field but have a portability issue with computer And I've been patiently waiting for the iOS release for mission planning.I have read everything I can find on the Bluetooth bridges with 3dr radios, 2.4ghz xbee, wifly, xbee pro setting up 3dr radio and wifly and Bluetooth bridges etc..... I'm confused. I require a non 2.4ghz wireless connection, say the 900mhz xbee pro to avoid interference with my Futaba radio. > I don't know which hardware devices & shields etc to get to give me telemetry data readings up to at least 1 or more miles preferably at least 5km or 2-3 miles ( I heard they will go up to 15 miles), send mission Way Point updates, be able to send in flight tuning while in closer & of coarse find my drone as last week I had a 2m fixed wing go down after I clipped a tree and went into a storage unit roof where a couple guys jumped up stole it and put it in their storage unit before I got there>For now I have sent email to sparkfun and rfdesigns about parts or building one using rfd900 radios, amongst others who I've asked for help on the subject of finding the design instructions for building the radio telemetry device to connect to my iPads find my drone and MAV pilot app.Surely if the MAV Pilot find my drone app is in the store people are using itI must get the correct parts so I know which device manuals apply to the project, > I really appreciate your time and any help I will post details of the success or failings of the project to help others and increase the amount of data on this subject.Michael.

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