iPhone controlled UAV

A little know fact is that the iPhone can indeed send/recieve serial data through the dock connector(jail broken of course). My idea is to interface the iPhone with an xbee and have commands that can be executed with a tap of a button. Eventually mission planning could be implemented in order to Remove the need for a laptop in the field. Any comments? I estimate $30 in hardware costs to connect the xbee to the iPhone. Andrew

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  • Good news I developing a app for iOS so we can use the regualar xbee shield and xbee to send receive data with each other. I am working with google earth to make it possible to set waypoints with the apm. Once I receive it in the mail. (First batch I hope) to do some testing with my bixler then with quad. This will elimatnate the laptop completely. If you have any questions or found a better exploit feel free to share. This will work with iPad 1, 2 and 3GS, 4, 4s. You will most likely will need iOS 5.0 to use this app once I publish it. It will be publish I tunes next month and Cydia to.
  • Well, no replies but I have made a ton of progress! I wrote a simple app that allows me to send data over serial and it is working beautifully! Next step is to figure out how to send commands over the xbee to the ArduPilot

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