Auburn, AL

About Me:

I'm a software engineering major and wireless engineering dual major at Auburn University in Auburn, Al. I am currently about to finish up my private pilots license and love being in the air! I also develop iOS apps and have one app in the App Store and hoping to have many more! Overall, I love technology and the capabilities it has!!

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I have always been interested in flight and AI so UAV's are a perfect match!


Auburn, Al

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Andrew Boos commented on Andrew Boos's blog post iOS Ground Control Station...Its Alive!!!
"There are quite a few reasons. First, I can run c/c++ code inline with Obj-C, making it very easy to implement Mavlink without a wrapper. Also, I want to be able to use bluetooth 4.0 in order to communicate with the xbee. Finally, native apps are…"
Feb 21, 2013
Andrew Boos posted a blog post
I've been wanting to make a GCS for my iPhone for awhile now but finally got the time to start working on it! The GUI is very very basic as of now, with only an attitude indictor that displays only roll. I'm concentrating on cleaning up the mavlink…
Feb 20, 2013
Andrew Boos posted a discussion
I'm currently working on an university research project in which I will be mounting a thermal camera to the bottom of hexacopter and then trying to spot nesting birds in the marsh that are difficult to spot by other means.This is basically what my…
Feb 1, 2013
Andrew Boos replied to Andrew Boos's discussion Mavlink Basics
"This is me testing the iPhone serial port using two xbees and the arduino serial lcd example. It works like a champ! and now its time to keep working on the main app!"
Mar 14, 2012
Andrew Boos replied to Andrew Boos's discussion Mavlink Basics
"Thank you so so much!!!! its like a lightbulb just went off in my head! 

But basically, I would interpret the heartbeat message using the parameters defined in all the xmls? 

 <message name="HEARTBEAT" id="0">

     The heartbeat message just…"
Mar 8, 2012
Andrew Boos posted a discussion
So, I'm developing a ground station for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) and after making a lot of progress, I came upon a major stumbling block. I can not wrap my head around how the mavlink protocol works. The iOS side of the project is easy but i'm…
Mar 8, 2012
Andrew Boos replied to Andrew Boos's discussion iPhone controlled UAV
"Well, no replies but I have made a ton of progress! I wrote a simple app that allows me to send data over serial and it is working beautifully! Next step is to figure out how to send commands over the xbee to the ArduPilot"
Mar 1, 2012
Andrew Boos posted a discussion
A little know fact is that the iPhone can indeed send/recieve serial data through the dock connector(jail broken of course). My idea is to interface the iPhone with an xbee and have commands that can be executed with a tap of a button. Eventually…
Mar 1, 2012