• I am confused about your question...

    What is the advantage of taking the 12v from the ESC?

    The stock 3DR ESCs do not have 12 VDC on the (internal) BEC line (red wire measured to black wire).

    Other ESCs may have a program/select output voltages. UBEC units, like the one you linked, usually have program/select output voltages.

    Take a look at THIS diagram. It has a lot of stuff on it but shows the GoPro power sourced from the PDB... I think.

    That diagram is for an FPV setup but, if your are simply running the camera free, the wiring will be much simpler.


  • This is somewhat addressed in THIS page from the Wiki.

    Scroll down the page for an example wiring setup. If your camera needs 5 VDC, you would have to use a regulator.

    That is why I suggest the BEC section of the ESC if the current demand of the camera is not too much for the BEC. Heck, they power servos with BECs so a GoPro should not be an issue.


  • I do not recommend this - especially if employed on a flying vehicle.

    Better to use the BEC output of one of the ESCs  via the PDB if it is in the range of the GoPro.

    The 3DR PM is not intended to supply current to any other devices outside the APM and associated sensors.


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