I'm trying to use my Sony NEX5 camera as a FPV camera using this HDMI AV converter :

My config is the following:

- I use a readymaderc Video Tx and receiver.

-The above mentioned HDMI converter is powered directly by the battery of the The NEX5 camera. This converter sends out only Video, Audio and ground signals (no +5v out).

-The Video Tx is powered by a 3S lipo.

Without MinimOSD, if I connect the "video out" + ground lines  of the hdmi converter to the video Tx, everything works fine. I get a stable image on the monitor.

Now if I add the minimosd in between, I get a rolling/flickering image. And the OSD overlay comes in and out and does not update. 

Has anyone had the same issue and found a way to solve it ?
My connection diagram is the following : 

MinimOSD config: version 1.1, firmware 2.0 and corresponding character set loaded via the GUI tool.
Also I did another test using a readymaderc fpv camera (PAL, 600TVL) : i get a stable image with minimOSD overlay on the video but no OSD values are updated (only the artificial horizin moves but all other values are zero : current, voltage, long, lat, etc). Why is that ? (I configured in mission planner the SR3 parameters as davised on the wiki)
So my questions:
-Did I wire something wrong ?
-Did I configure something wrong ?
-Is MinimOSD incompatible with PAL cameras ?
-Is MinimOSD incompatible with this specific SOny NEX5 camera ?
Thx for any help to setup it up right,
This video explains maybe better my issue:

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And some more disappointing tests results : I upgraded to the latest featured copter Minimosd extra firmware and character set : I get now a totally scrambled screen. I reverted to the 2.0 firmware but cannot get an unscrambled OSD display anymore :(   not matter what firmware I flash...

Check that you have common ground across all parts, and the same standard PAL/NTSC

Thx for advice. All common ground and everything sets as PAL. Still no joy...

After you power up wait a few seconds and then reset the minimosd using the little reset button on the board.For some strange reason stuff doesnt sync up right initialy and a reset of the minimosd is required.

Your sketch does not appear to have a line for the minimosd to make periodical requests for new values, eg minimosd tx -> apm rx. You can set some params for the APM ( i think they were called SR*) but im not sure if that will fix the missing minimsd tx -> apm rx line.

Thx mp1, I will try a reset. I indeed did not connect a minimosd tx to APM Rx because it says in the wiki that I should not connect it if I use mission planner simultaneously with telemetry, am I wrong?

Hi Hughes,

The wiki is correct, if you are using a telemetry radio you do not want to connect the MinimOSD to the APM. The radio will initiate the request for data via the Mission Planner, then both the Mission Planner and the MinimOSD will receive the updated packets as they are sent by the APM.

To clarify, are you powering the analog side of the MinimOSD with a 3S LiPo, or have you joined the analog and digital power so it runs off the APM? Also how long are the power leads from the battery to the MinimOSD?

Lastly, are you using this with a multicopter or a fixed wing? The SRxx paramaters are different for each.


Nathaniel ~KD2DEY

Hi Nathaniel,

So to clarify and answer your questions;

- I am powering the OSD analog side with a 3S life (9.9 V) and the digital side is powered via the telemetry cable from APM,

-The battary cable length to power the minimOSD is about 10 inches long

-We are talking here about a X8 octocopter (with firmw 3.1)

I understand I'm thus connecting correctly only the APM Tx telemetry output wire to the Rx MinimOSD input (or correct me if I understood this incorrectly?). So I have only three wires between the APM telemetry port and minimOSD like on my scheme above, right ?



Hi Hugues,

About the charset problem, did you connect both power input (+5 and +12) to OSD when updating it? it won't work if the +12V is not connected (gui does say update successful, but actually the update fails). You can also use minimosd extra, it's a great firmware.

The correct connetion is Tx of APM (NOT Tx from the telemetry module) to Rx of osd, it seems you're doing it right.

I'm not sure what's happening between the hdmi converter and minimosd, can you get any image if you connect your converter output directly to your video transmitter?


Hi Xin,

Thx for the tip about the required 12V on analog side to update the character set. I will try that as I indeed was just connecting the ftdi power (5v) to my PC USB to update the character set.

When I connect directly the output of my hdmi2AV converter to my video TX, I get a good image. So it seems minimOSD is damaging something when inserted in the middle...

Ok, thx to your suggestion Xin, I solved at least the character display issue. I now get data displayed correctly.

I am left with the video garbled problem.

To explain the problem that I have I have made this youtube video:

Hi Hughes, 

You said you're powering your HDMI converter only from the camera? I've tried a few and they all have a 5v input jack which I found you need to connect for reliable results. 

Sometimes I get a picture when I turn the camera on first, but it often winks out or gets garbled until I plug in the 5v dedicated power (I use a 5v output from my video transmitter). I guess it is getting some power from the camera's HDMI cable, but not enough to run reliably.

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