I am well into my first build and having lots of fun with that. I do want to know if there is a free channel that ArduCopter does not use? If there is which one and how and/or where can I utilize it in the source code? Is there a place where there hooks where a user can place their own code? I am playing around with a separate Arduino that is driving an LED array and I would like to be able to link it up with a spare channel on the receiver if there is one. Thanks and please excuse my newbieness.


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Does your receiver have a spare channel?

I have a Turnigy 9x with 8 channels plugged in. I want to know this for future use, not for my current build. I first want to get up and flying and in a later part of my build I want to use a free channel if any to use to trigger a LED matrix that I am driving off a separate Arduino. I would like to send a PMW via the spare channel to trigger different parts of my program on the Arduino. Right now I'm just trying to see if this is even feasible or not. Thanks.


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