Fontana, CA

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The idea of using model aircraft for aerial photography has gotten me back into the RC hobby after 12 years of no flying.


Fontana, California

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Tim McPherson replied to Andy's discussion APM 2.5 without RC-Receiver
"You can already fly it with just the telemetry without changing any code. However, it is not advisable to do so for many very good reasons."
Apr 6, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to FYP's discussion Quadrotor's dc motor command
"What will you do with the DC motor that you are actuating?"
Apr 4, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to Christine Brown's discussion Waypoint Failure
"If you have telemetry perhaps you could post the .tlog file for someone here to diagnose what is happening in your situation."
Apr 1, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to Manuel Metz's discussion 25kg delta UAV starts oscillating during descent
"What do you mean by oscillating with respect to your aircraft?
If you mean roll or pitch oscillations then try reducing the corresponding Proportional gains a bit to make it less sensitive at higher air speeds."
Apr 1, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to Jeff P's discussion Loiter question
"Was it a windy day? Is the loiter radius set too short? It mat be a tuning issue. I have an X8 too and it likes larger diameter loiters and way points. I fly my X8 on the default tuning parameters."
Apr 1, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to Martin's discussion Airspeed sensor mounting question
"There is no difference, however, do not put it in the disturbed airstream of the fuselage. Oh! and have fun."
Apr 1, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to Karthik's discussion APM 2.5 with an airspeed sensor
"Telemetry will report a GPS calculated ground speed without the need of the airspeed sensor. This works well when there is little to no wind."
Apr 1, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to Will Fellmeth's discussion Fully autonomous flight w/o RC
"You may well be able to fly it sans Tx/Rx, but, you are just begging to destroy your equipment."
Mar 26, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to J's discussion UDrones "Ready to Fly"
"A close up photo and/or video would be helpful to the forum."
Mar 20, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to Kevin Jones's discussion FBW-A lethargic
" Are there PID parameters associated with FBW?"
Mar 20, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to Smart 79's discussion 3dr Power Module problem
"If the red wire came to you common with the black wire, there may be a QC issue involved. I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune."
Mar 20, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to Jack Toolin's discussion Newbie Hello
"Welcome Jack! Have fun poking around here. It's all very interesting."
Mar 18, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to Stephen R Mann's discussion Who decides?
"I feel we all should be glad that there are a default set of parameters to work with. They were probably arrived at with a general consensus. If a second set were added, then some hobbyists may become unsure on which to choose."
Mar 10, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to Robin Lilja's discussion Solar powered online LiPo battery charger.
"Adafruit sells a single cell(3.7v) LiPo solar charger with a load terminals, but they have been out of stock for at least a couple of months. RobotShop sells a similar product which is less than half the price and is in stock. I'm testing them now…"
Mar 10, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to Simon m's discussion mission planner on Android operating system
"MP runs on Windows OS."
Mar 9, 2013
Tim McPherson replied to John's discussion APM 2.5 attitude bumps around when plane is not moving
"That is completely normal and becomes more accurate and precise when your aircraft is in motion."
Mar 9, 2013