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I'm 23 and I am a light sport aircraft pilot and, of course, a professional UAS pilot and engineer. I work at Keystone Aerial Surveys based out of Philadelphia Northeast Airport (KPNE). I've been flying model aircraft and multirotors for recreation since 2011. Beginning in 2012 I entered into an independent research group named QuadForge at the colllege I attended. My team and I designed a waterproof quad to fly in the Swiss Alps. My commercial professional UAS career began in 2014 with local jobs for hobbiests and start-up UAS companies mainly doing engineering work. After I began my FAA pilot training in the summer of 2015 I began to pilot UAS's professionally working mostly in cinematography. In late 2015 and early 2016 I began to work more in the industrial side of the UAS industry (Ag jobs, inspection, topographical analysis, and photogrametry).

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am interested in just about all sectors of the UAS industry. I like cinematography because I get to fly in manual in scenic locations. I enjoy the more industrial work because I get to work in heavy industry locations and use big expensive UAS toys. I'd like my recreation time with UAS's to be focused on FPV racing. I'll get into it one of these days.


North Wales

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Will Fellmeth posted a discussion
Hello internet,Quick question, would someone be able to explain to me the FILT parameter in the PIDs for arducopter 3.4.1 and above? Thanks in advance.Cheers,Will F
Nov 1, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to Lyn Rees's discussion Hexcopter rolling with neutral input
I'd re-do a radio and accel calibration, if that doesn't work find out where the CG is on your craft. If you find that it is not in the general center of the craft try re positioning items on the craft to shift it to the center. If that does…"
Oct 31, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to René Desgagnés's discussion PosHold not working properly
Try maybe bumping up the throttle accel, throttle rate, and altitude hold PIDs. Start by knocking up the P values by about 5%-10% and if that has an effect dial it in with the I values. Hope this helps.
Will F"
Aug 23, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to Riz Hassan's discussion Premature shutdown of the motors during stabilize mode (hover)
As Jerald said, this sounds like a battery issue. Be sure to check the voltage of your battery before and after every flight.
Will F"
Aug 11, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to Omar Zuaiter's discussion APM 2.6 Drone Keeps flipping--- PLEASE HELP
I'll suggest this because I've accidentally done this before: Make sure your trims are not set all the way up. It has happened to me before where I accidentally knock or push the trim buttons all the way up without noticing and then I cant get…"
Aug 1, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to Dave's discussion Modelling buildings
Yea the ordering of these messages is getting pretty messy rather quickly.
The MAP2 from skysight/seegul does work with the A5000 as well as the samsung NX1100. Its all on their website (http://skysight.eu/). We have had great success with…"
Jul 30, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to Dave's discussion Modelling buildings
So, for the camera trigger cable we use a SkySight Mono (shown in the picture i attached), it goes from the AUX output of the Pixhawk to the micro USB of the Sony. Apparently Skysight has gone out of business because when I go to their website…"
Jul 29, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to Dave's discussion Modelling buildings
There are a whole bunch of ways you could go about doing this. I personally like one of two options: using a pixhawk controlled Turbo Ace Matrix with a Sony A7 camera or using a DJI Inspire with their X5 camera. The former requires a more tech…"
Jul 28, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to Will Fellmeth's discussion DJI Zenmuse Z15 N gimbal with Pixhawk Flight controller
Thanks, I'll drop 'em a line.
Will F
Michael said:
I spoke to a company called Rise Above.  They told me that the Zenmuse Z15 is able to be used with the Pixhawk.  You should email them abut it."
Jul 22, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to Virgil's discussion Setting time on Pixhawk in PIXHAWK
None really. If you have a pixhawk it would be easier to take the logs off of that then spending your money on the flytrex. However, as read in Virgil's July 9th reply, he has another drone without pixhawk that he cant pull the logs off of,…"
Jul 19, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to Virgil's discussion Setting time on Pixhawk in PIXHAWK
if the other vehicle you mentioned doesn't allow you to get GPS position flies you can try using this here device: (http://www.flytrex.com/shop/core/) the Flytrex core V2. It connects between your GPS device and your flight controller. It…"
Jul 13, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to Darrel Maddy's discussion mismatch images to CAM messages in georef
Thanks a bunch for posting this video. We just added one more setup to our QC process. Thanks again.
Will F
MarioSpeedwagon said:
I don't know if I would word it that way. Mission planner works, but it messes up often enough that I…"
Jul 13, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to Tyler Newcomb's discussion How to crash less
Every crash is a lesson learned, and I've had many lessons. One lesson I learned that keeps the bank from breaking in replacement parts, is to have a practice vehicle and a primary vehicle. Practice vehicles are small consumer grade UAVs (in…"
Jul 13, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to Will Fellmeth's discussion Obstacle avoidance with Sonar
"Discussion update:
This post, back in late 2013 early 2014, was intended to probe the challenges involved with engineering and designing a quad, that would be flying fully autonomously beyond line of sight in the Swiss Alps, that could see and avoid…"
Jul 13, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to Aryamann Sharma's discussion Help!!!!
"Aryamann Sharma,
Be sure to check on your radio transmitter that you don't have any expos setup. These expos, exponential increases or decreases, can be used for new pilots or for tuning an aircraft, they allow for slowly/quickly…"
Jul 7, 2016
Will Fellmeth replied to Max Becker's discussion APM 2.6 Constant Drift
I'd first do a weight and center of gravity test to determine if your Center of Gravity (CG) is far out to the right. Here are some links that may be of help:
Jul 7, 2016