APM 2.6 Drone Keeps flipping--- PLEASE HELP

I am brand new to drones and aircraft.

I have done robotics for about 5 years though.My drone keeps flipping on liftoff.

I have seen that many people recommend to Check the motor direction and the blades.(I have done this over 20 times)

I have set the ESC multiple times and they are shown within very close proximity of each other (+/-10).

I have recalibrated the Accelerometer, Radio, and Compass multiple times

I Honestly have no idea what to do left.

I use APM 2.6 w/ vibration board, 3DR Power Module, Optima 7 Rx, Aurora 9 Tx, 11.1 V 10400 Mah Multi-star Battery, DJI F450 Frame, UBLOCK 6M GPS, Telemetry Set, 4 Cheetah 2212-10 1400 Kv Brush-less Motors, 2 1045L Propellers, 2 1045R Propellers, and 4 Thunderbird 18 Amp ESC with BEC.

The Problem Is that it likes to flip over to its left side (White is Front).'

I have tried Raising the throttle by a little but it just leans over to the left and almost flips.

I also have tried raising it really fast and was in air for a sec before it crashed.


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  • My problem is solved by uploading 3.2.1 firmware by choosing custom firmware feature. Latest MP will not allow down rev installations. although it has features that should support (Bug?)

    Thanks you to the DIY community  :) 

  • Omar, No JP1 jumper is installed. Can you please review the failesafe screen captures attached. In this manu the PWM values are not changing when the thr stick is moved. They only change when selecting different modes.

    FailSafe Mode screen capture.docx

  • Tbone,

    I selected 3.2.1 and the message came up telling me its no longer supported and it will load the latest firmware.

    But the quad symbal displayed 3.2.1. 

    Is there somewhere I can confirm whats got loaded on the apm?

    After flashing with 3.2.1, I went thru entire calibration procedure step by step.

    All ESCs calibrated together and the motor spun fine after thr down with two beebs. Once out of ESC cal procedure, I armed and the motor spun but slowly reduced in speed and turned-off. I tried arming again and it did not work. 

    I unplug battery and reconnected battery and it did the same thing again. This is new symptom??

    I am attaching config/tunning file in excel format so anyone can read and point me in the right direction.

    What I really like to request is to obtain a working config file from the community that either I can use or modify my config file to match the parameters.

    20160808 amp2.6+3.2.1.xlsx

  • check your firmware version on the APM, 3.3 isn't supported on a 2.6 - last supported version is 3.2 (I'm running 3.2.1 and it seems OK)

    I had to reset my APM using mission planner after I realised I couldn't use 3.3 and reset it to 3.2.1


  • sorry I miss wrote about JP1 jumper. It is not installed.

    In the fail safe mode all channels correspond to radio inputs correctly.

    Would it be possible to compare your "Full Parameter List"? I have seen Dave on youtube upload his parameters on a APM in the config option.



  • Well you should not have the jumper installed if you have a 3DR power module.

    In the fail safe menu, look to see if your pwm values change when you are armed (without props) and move the sticks around look to see if they correspond correctly.

  • Omar and friends, My quad (F450) flips over during takeoff just as the article title states...  :(

    I have gone thru motor direction check.

    Prop check

    mag and compass calibrations

    Radio cal

     ESC cals 

    apm wiring check, and so on.

    I can hold the quad above my head and it does not responds to tilt/pitch/roll motions nor the motors speeds up or slows down when radio inputs are given.

    I am beginning to suspect either Taranis not set correctly or there is some apm function is disabled.

    This is my setup:

    F450 frame

    APM 2.6 with GPS

    Firmware 3.3.3

    Mysticry 30A esc (all ESCs pins (Red/Blk/White) are connected to APM output)

    Jumper installed

    Taranis Plus

    Receiver FRsky V8FR-II (8 ch)

     CH1: Roll (Red/Blk/Signal connected)

     CH2: Pitch (Signal only)

     CH3: TH (Signal only)

     CH4: Yaw (Signal only)

     CH5: 3-position toggle switch (Signal only)

     APM power module = 3DR

    Any suggestions?

  • Ok so I flew it today and it still flipped but it did gain some air first.(In stabilized mode) (Unfortunately, when I reset the APM Board I forgot to put nearly all for the Log)

    I tried to fly it again but this time in acro mode, but it still flipped.

    I have also rechecked the APM board orientation and also motor outputs. I have also done a motor test and it passed.

    Now here is something unusual I saw.

    So I was in the Fail-safe window to see the motors out PWM and I throttled it up and down. They were all fine and consistent with each other. Then I moved the Pitch and Roll stick and the motors moved accordingly, but then when I released it The motors were all different. Channel 1 and 3 were very similar. Channel 2 was really high and channel 4 was barely off its starting position.

    So I turned it off and back on again, and all the motors ran together for a while, then Channel 4 dropped. just 100 over its start.

    All while the Drone is sitting on the Floor with no props.

    Please Help

  • Hopefully you have it worked out by this stage, but in case you haven't there are a couple of other things to check (if you haven't already)

    APM board orientation and motor outputs.

    They are pretty basic things, but either or both will cause a flip if they are in any way wrong and the motor outputs can be easy to accidentally set up wrong.

    I assume you are flying in Stabilize mode? 

    Try setting it up in Acro mode, removing the props. Then arm and throttle up a very small amount and roll/pitch around to check that the right motors are spinning up/down as they should (for example pitch forward and roll right - the quad should be trying to spin up the back left motor and the front right should be spinning down etc).

    good luck!

  • Thank you guys for your responses. 

    I have reset the APM and Done everything above. I have checked the Trims and they were all on 0. I will fly it Tomorrow and see if it flies correctly.

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