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I like building and flying multicopters

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I built Raspberry Pi autopilot to use on board image processing to track coloured objects



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RORY ANTHONY OCONNOR replied to Omar Zuaiter's discussion APM 2.6 Drone Keeps flipping--- PLEASE HELP
"Hopefully you have it worked out by this stage, but in case you haven't there are a couple of other things to check (if you haven't already)
APM board orientation and motor outputs.
They are pretty basic things, but either or both will cause a flip…"
Aug 2, 2016
RORY ANTHONY OCONNOR posted a discussion
Does this parameter look for the status of (vibex, vibey, vibez) and return "still" if they are all below the value of INS_STILL_THRES?Bonus question: does this effect the algorithm when the autopilot determines if it has landed? I know it used to b…
Jul 31, 2016
RORY ANTHONY OCONNOR replied to Randy's discussion Copter-3.3 beta testing
"Hey guys just thought I would pop in to say I have just got this working...mostly. I am using a Basecam 32 bit 3 Axis BGC and successfully controlling it using Serial 2 out of a Pixhawk 2 (From a SOLO main board but I think it would be the same on a…"
Jan 6, 2016
RORY ANTHONY OCONNOR replied to Jason Franciosa's discussion Using the serial output for controlling an alexmos gimbal
"Hey I have just got this working, though I still need to solve a couple of issues...

I started with this... http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-storm32-gimbal/

which is the same thing but for a different type of gimbal. I used Serial 2 to send…"
Jan 5, 2016
RORY ANTHONY OCONNOR replied to Shaz's discussion Cheap Alternative for Lightbridge
"The antennae look big and way to big to fit craft side. Same deal for the video transmitter I think. the weight is given as 0.23Kg, I think this is way too heavy to compete on the market with Lightbridge. 
I wonder how many channels the spread spect…"
Aug 21, 2014