Setting time on Pixhawk

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to set the time on Pixhawk when using telemetry? I know that once Pixhawk acquires a solid GPS lock the time is set based on the given location. But if I want to see the actual time of Pixhawk for me to either change it or sync it with another device am using, is it possible?  I have been searching for the answer but haven't found anything so far.

Also, since I want to capture the complete trip of the flight, can anyone recommend me an app I could use and mount a phone on the drone so that I could extract the complete GPS coordinates of the flight.

Thanks for the help.

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  • Jakob,

    None really. If you have a pixhawk it would be easier to take the logs off of that then spending your money on the flytrex. However, as read in Virgil's July 9th reply, he has another drone without pixhawk that he cant pull the logs off of, so I recommended this logger.

    There is one thing that is handy about flytrex and that is if you buy their product you can use their website and upload all your logs and have them in one place with maps and flight times. You can also download them in a few different forms to fit your project. Other than that the flytrex product has no advantages over the pixhawk logs.


    Will F

    Jakob Schmidt said:

    Will, This just logs GPS data? What advantages does that offer over the datalogs on the Pixhawk?.

  • Will, This just logs GPS data? What advantages does that offer over the datalogs on the Pixhawk?.

  • Virgil,

    if the other vehicle you mentioned doesn't allow you to get GPS position flies you can try using this here device: ( the Flytrex core V2. It connects between your GPS device and your flight controller. It simply logs the info as it 'passes' by on an SD card. Its super tiny and it can be used on a variety of popular models of UAVs. Also this allows you easy flight logging as you can upload all the missions you fly to their website and keep track of them. From the website you can download the files in a variety of forms. Hope this helps.


    Will F

  • I have a problem with the time set by the pixhawk.  When performing the geo ref operation, it reports the cam trigger messages are different from my camera time by over an hour.  The camera time is correct, the time assigned to the cam trigger in the log files is not correct.  

    I also posted this question on the Arial Photography Forum. 

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

  • Thanks for the response. I asked for an app and mounting a phone to the UAV because I have another one that doesn't allow me to extract the different logs. As far as the Pixhawk, yes it does allow me to extract all those different files saved on the sd card as you mentioned.


  • The Pixhawk doesn't know the time. It can pull that info from the GPS signal however.
    I don't understand why you would use a phone GPS mounted to the aircraft. Just extract the kmz from the logs and display you flight beautifully on Googld Earth. Or just grab the coordinates off the logs. It's all being recorded on your computer via the tlog, and on the aircraft SD Card via the .bin.
  • I would like to know this also.
    This very useful for mapping.

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