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Interested in RC and Drones

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Interested in the X8 flying wing and sending A/C up to near space

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John commented on Jack's blog post Fastest FPV Drone Reach 250mph
"I nearly broke the speed of sound.
Sep 2, 2017
John commented on Doug's blog post FlySky FS-I6 Mission Planner Flight Modes Setup Guide
"Just bought this radio, I plan on hacking in my 6 position switch from my old retired 9X. Hopefully it will work as nicely"
Apr 8, 2016
John commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Trappy ended up paying
"I know exactly how trappy feels, I too just lost my case against the FAA(appealed just like him through a law judge, kinda won, then lost completely on the second appeal with the NTSB board).
the FAA wins 80% of their cases. the appeal process is…"
Jan 25, 2015
John replied to John's discussion Pixhawk 4 crash logs
"So, I'm going to beg for more help (maybe i'm wasting my time??). I'm at the end of my rope here with this pixhawk. Every flight means I have less than a 50/50 chance of ending without a crash. And it seems the reason is constantly changing. So i'll…"
Oct 17, 2014
John posted a discussion
can somebody help me figure out what went wrong with my quad? It was on its last leg home, and it freaked out and speed out of control and crashed pretty hard. I turned off the remote when I realized it was going the wrong way fast, hoping failsafe…
Oct 6, 2014
John commented on Alex Wong's blog post DJI Phantom flies through fireworks and over crowd. Brave or Foolish?
"Holy smokes that was awesome! Kudos for him having the balls to post such an amazing video!"
Jun 29, 2014
John commented on Markus Järve's blog post X4 first maiden
"Very nice Markus! I am very interested in how you converted the 3DR power module to 6C. I tried to do this very thing a few weeks ago, by replacing the DC/DC step down regulator with a murata OKI 78SR-5 like the one here
but had trouble with the…"
Jun 23, 2014
John posted a blog post
She has been with me to over 100K feet on a weather balloon. Completely submerged in water after a ditch crash, and countless crashes that have destroyed frames and other components. I thought for sure, after my fire, she was dead. Almost threw it…
May 24, 2014
John commented on John Githens's blog post Drone Operator Fined After Almost Hitting NYC Pedestrian
"Hey guys, I am a member of AOPA, they have something called pilot protection services that protects you from FAA BS like this. I have fought (am currently fighting them) over something not related to drones. This will pay for your lawyer fees. It's…"
May 5, 2014
John replied to John's discussion Can anyone tell me why my quadcopter came home??
"It came home early on the trip, went into RTL and then went to waypoint 2???"
Apr 16, 2014
John posted a discussion
Here are the logs2014-04-16%2022-20-02.tlog2014-04-16 22-20-02.tlog
Apr 16, 2014
John commented on ctech4285's blog post EPM Cargo Gripper. Simple easy method for gripping and relasing cargo on a copter
"Way too tool! I would like one. I see you take bitcoin!!! How about litecoin?"
Dec 20, 2013
John commented on Marius's blog post qgroundcontrol 4 Linux Ubuntu 13.04 and 14.04 64 bits
"Don't bother doing this on 12.04"
Dec 13, 2013
John left a comment for Kaan Göksal
"hi, A what frame? I have an HT-FPV frame and an X8"
Nov 18, 2013
John commented on Alexander LeBrun's blog post ArduPilot Purple + Skywalker X8 + FPV = Summer Loving
"Here is what i'm using, been doing good for about a year now. I'm sure yours will need a little tweaking but it's a start.
Jul 17, 2013
John commented on Aleksandr Akulov's blog post GCS Car
"Wow awesome! Need a detachable yagi with tracker on the roof to top it off!"
Jul 4, 2013