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  • I nearly broke the speed of sound.

  • what a cool!!!  How can it show me amazing speed??? 

    I wanna  what principles are in that plane.

  • 100KM

    Most of the current FPV records are here:

  • I mean the type are FPV and Fixed wing fpv.Use the gps speed meter to measure. @all

  • Congrats to the this real mad setup. Love those mad stuff.
    But I have my doubts, especially the prop speed estimation. Have you measured the real rpm in flight? The sonic wall is serous stuff not easy to overcome, even with such high power. To convert your high power setup into real airspeed, you need oversquere props. That will avoid wasting the energie into sonic waves. Try a 7x10 APC for example

  • There is a big overlap between this definition and FPV craft, which is why I am a bit nervous throwing the word drone around. I had a fun encounter with my neighbour once, I was carrying my fixed wing (Pixhawk / Arduplane) to my car and he said "Oh, I thought you were carrying a drone". Drone seems to have morphed from Predator to DJI Phantom in the popular psyche. Who knows what it will be 5 years from now.

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    Drone - capable of autonomous navigation or position hold, contains a GPS.

  • Define drone.

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    Ah, but is it actually a drone? Or just a FPV RC plane?

  • All depends on the type of vehicle, if it's autonomous or not, and how you measure speed.

    Model aircraft with jet  turbine have been clocked at 400Mph+ for instance. In dynamic soaring with gliders, speeds above 500mph have been achieved.



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