can somebody help me figure out what went wrong with my quad? It was on its last leg home, and it freaked out and speed out of control and crashed pretty hard. I turned off the remote when I realized it was going the wrong way fast, hoping failsafe would kick in. It didn't appear to do anything.

Here is my .bin log from the sd card


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So, I'm going to beg for more help (maybe i'm wasting my time??). I'm at the end of my rope here with this pixhawk. Every flight means I have less than a 50/50 chance of ending without a crash. And it seems the reason is constantly changing. So i'll post a log where I took off with a flight plan of 3 simple points, and the damn thing shoots for the moon (have 100 feet programed) and then the motors just suddenly shut down sending it into a plunge from 180 feet! Why did I buy this flight controller? somebody help me please!!!!!


I looked through the log, I don't see much to go on except you lost a few Satellites around the same time of the crash. Your Hdop was still low so that does not completely explain it. 

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