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Just learning. Studying GIS at the University and feel that Ham radio will allow me to greatly extend my range of mission

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J posted a discussion
The company purchased a "Ready to Fly" Hexacopter from Udrones back in January 2013.  Since then it hasn't flown once (i'm a student and can only trouble shoot it during breaks).As I apply the throttle, it pitches to the rear.I attempted to:1) reset…
Jun 6, 2013
J posted a discussion
Does anyone know if the UDrones' "Ready to Fly" aircraft are actually tested before shipment?I have a Hexa that I cannot fly (pitches up on take-off) right out of the box.  I've tried the recommended calibration techniques listed in the…
Mar 20, 2013
J posted a discussion
I purchased a Hexacopter from UDrones with all the bells and whistles (over $2000).As I began to assemble the landing gear, I noticed that one set of "feet" were missing as well as miscellaneous nuts/screws.I emailed UDrones without receiving a…
Mar 13, 2013