I'm about to Tap Out

The company purchased a "Ready to Fly" Hexacopter from Udrones back in January 2013.  Since then it hasn't flown once (i'm a student and can only trouble shoot it during breaks).

As I apply the throttle, it pitches to the rear.

I attempted to:

1) reset the APM.  I couldn't find specific instruction on how to do this, but I just pushed the "reset" button and held it pushed in for 10 seconds.  This had negative results and still pitched to the rear.

2) I attempted to automatically calibrate the ECMs.  Negative results.

3) I replaced the ESC and motor on the arm where it appear to lack power. This did not have any impact and still pitched to the rear. (yes, I re-calibrated the ECMs).

4) I replaced the ESC and motor on the opposite arm (thinking that it was applying too much power).  Now it pitches forward.

Thank you for any ideas/thoughts on what I'm doing wrong.

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  • wait, you should re-load the firmware, then go through the whole calibration process again. from radio calibration to calibrating the accelerometers and esc's. have you done this?

    ...especially the accelerometer calibration...

  • Double check that the motor rotations are correct and connections are correct for a hex and then that the left-hand and right-hand props are on the correct motors. Then hook it up to your computer and go through the whole setup drill via Mission Planner - radio transmitter calibration, leveling, etc. You can find the instructions on this site. You should also probably update both the Mission Planner software and the APM firmware if it's been since January.

  • Sorry to hear.........I have too, got tired of the crashes and the $$$ wasted

    I have 7 APM's in my parts box I have removed them from all my aircraft

    I got tired of hearing it's "open source software" ever time one of my aircraft freaked out for no reason

    unfortunately you need to spend some more money.......

    buy a DJI Phantom......flies straight out of the box  

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