Is there a way for me to see the motors RPM (angular speed) in flight logs?


I was wondering if there is a way for me to see the RPM (angular speed) of each of my motors in the flight logs?

Thank you very much! Any insight will be deeply appreciated!

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Assuming you mean multirotor:

no, once UAV-CAN ESC's are common, this should be in place, PWM controlled ESC have simplex communication only. 

On any case, you can add electronics that communicate over mavlink with GCS, and/or CAN/I2C with autopilot and monitor any/all motors if you want, but it requires some electronics and programming skills.

Thanks for the response, Andre!

Sorry for not mentioning, yes I am referring to a quadrotor.

Is it true that the PWM (which can be seen as RCOU in the flight logs on Mission Planner) is proportional to the angular velocity? So theoretically I would just need to find the constant that relates the PWM to the angular velocity?

Thanks again!

As long PWM range is calibrated (and does not "learn" new max along the way)  - it is kind of proportional to the RPM, - with the exception of voltage drops, and PWM changes instantly, while actual RPM takes some time..

*sensed* RPM/power is a better way to detect minor problems and diagnostic use.  once, when the AP is aware of RPM & Current of each ESC, we will be able to detect all kinds or problems including disintegrated propeller.

Thanks Andre!

I was wondering if there is a way for me to see flight logs live during a flight. I would like to see how much PWM each motor is getting during real time.

During the flight you can see the SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW mavlink message.

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