I would like to start a project that has a goal of adapting the ArduCopter for a coaxial rc helicopter.


The type of coaxial helicopter I have in mind is the Helibaby produced by Infinity Hobbies.


I thought I would survey the community and see if there was any interest out there for this sort of idea.



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  • Has there been any progress on implementing arducopter with coaxial helicopters?

  • I created a diagram to illustrate the the control mix for the Differential Collective Yaw Mix. I concidered for a while whether the Yaw mix should preceed the the Collective mix in the schematic or Collective first. I decided that it likely would not not make a difference in the code application, So I left the way you see it here with the Yaw mix preceeding the Collective mix.

    The Rudder and Collective Channels would essentially Pass-Through the mix enless a Master input is acted upon them.

    There will need to be a means to reverse the mix output function dependent on the mechanical setup.

    Please post your opinion on this shematic.3692274298?profile=original

  • We flew the Coax this weekend to to test an onboard video system, and to put more time on the machine. It still has the Matrix pilot autopilot onboard for stabilisation. You may notice that it is flybarless.

    It was actually very stabil in hover and slowflight. Moveing faster shows some sluggishness. I think its strong stabilisation is fighting the pilots control inputs. Stationary high hovers make it apear to be nailed to a pole in the ground. Very still and very smooth. Hope to get the APM to do as well.


    We will be transplaning the ArduPilotMega 2560 into the machine soon.

    Here is a video of the flight.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di2rX10WpSc


  • Has anybody yet written a code patch for differntial collective mixing for yaw control? This is what is slowing us down to proceed with using the APM/ACM on our machine.


  • Seems like some guys are already making a camera mount for it.

    Looks like a lot of mechanical mixing going on, the top rotor is not floating like most but has a swash plate. Beautiful piece of engineering.


  • Yes! We are working with a 600 size electric coax, trying to configure the Arducopter Mega to stabilise it. Looking for full autonomouse functionality. Currently tring to work with the conventional heli code. Just started so we are kind of following along with the current test effort from others. Need some mixing changes for differntial collective yaw control.



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