I have a plain with a gimbal of all 3 freedoms (tilt ,pan and roll).

I want to fly near a point and Lock on that point with my gimbaled camera while flying.

I know in advance the location o the that point.

Do you know any commend or a script, that does this in the mission planner?

It is similar to Roi commend in Ardu-copter  .

Thank you

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Short answer is no.

Target tracking is not yet implemented into APM:Plane, it requires collaboration between the gimbal and the APM. ROI in Arducopter uses the copter yaw to track the target.

Hi Graham,

when i use code of Ardu Plane, in mission planner, the command DO_SET_ROI doesn't exist, how can i deal with this?I want my 3 axis gimbal to point at ROIs. 

It doesn't exist so you can't. You can't get a 3 axis gimbal to point at ROI, with a multirotor the multirotor does the pointing not the gimbal. Maybe it will come eventually but the gimbal will have to interface with the APM/Pixhawk.

Thans very much, Graham.

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