Is this the solution of hybrid multirotors?

4 centered gas engines to lift the most of the AUW, say, around 70% the remaining 30% is lifted by outer smaller electric engines.  

4 center gas engines to cancel torque and have enough lifting power (gas engines hp/weight ratio doesn't scale linearly)

-long flight duration of the gas engines,
-inherent simplicity and few/no moving parts of multirotor tech/layout
-auto stability of multi rotor flight controllers.
-All available hybrid versions are either too complex, too heavy or too inefficient.

The main question is this:
If we firstly try to tune the 4 middle gas engines to rev to roughly the rpm, will the electric outer motors be able to handle the rest? i.e. balancing of the 4 middle inherently non cooperative engines(:D)? or would the central 4 engines be too dissimilar in rpm/thrust thus constantly creating havoc on the Flight controller and thus unstabilising the whole ship? What are your thoughts?

I am not sure if I should post this in a specific category?




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