A friend of mine is considering using a quadcopter in locations where ground level is 13,000' (4000m). Does anyone have any experience flying at that altitude? 

I guess this breaks down into a few questions:

1. Is it possible for a quadcopter (or hex or octo) to lift off and hover at 13,000' (4000m).

2. If #1 is possible would missions involving carrying a small camera be possible with reasonable flight times?

3. If #1 and #2 are possible any recommendations on frames, props, motors, lipos?

He lives here in the US so procurement of equipment shouldn't be an issue. Budget is not unlimited so APM seems to be the correct choice. He does want to fly quads here too but is also looking for possible use flying over high altitude archaeological sites.

Thanks for any input you have to offer,


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  • In theory You should be albe to use bigger props or more agressive pitch on the same size to work in thinner air, and since it is usually singnificantly cooler (I think it used to be aprox 3 degrees difference per thousand feet of elevation was what I learned in Flight School) cooling of the motors or ESC should not be an issue. How about it you High Country Flyers? Any input?

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