Brimfield, MA

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Long time R/C'er (planes, helis), ham radio operator. Always interested in playing with new technology.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Learn how to build/fly a quad/hex copter. Would like to play around with waypoints and automatic flying. Not sure I'll go FPV.


Brimfield, MA

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Jim Mullen posted a discussion
Folks,A friend of mine is considering using a quadcopter in locations where ground level is 13,000' (4000m). Does anyone have any experience flying at that altitude? I guess this breaks down into a few questions:1. Is it possible for a quadcopter…
Jul 25, 2013
Jim Mullen posted a discussion in Andropilot Users Group
I've recently been playing with a Naza-M. There's a little board out that allows you to use MinimOSD and/or a pair of 3DR modems with the Naza called FBOSD. Here's a link to Jay's website: http://firebug24k.com/index.php.When using the modems there…
Jun 13, 2013
Jim Mullen replied to Kevin Hester's discussion New AndroPilot Android GCS release 1.4.05 in Andropilot Users Group

Will this eventually show up in the Play store? I hate to sound stupid but I have no idea how to pull down the hexfile to my tablet and update to the new version. I did a Google search but didn't find anything I could understand. If you…"
Apr 19, 2013
Jim Mullen replied to Oxxy Fx's discussion APM 2.5 Hexa twitching in Stabilized mode
"I had something similar. It turned out to be interference from the ESC getting into the APM. I had left the cables connected to the APM for GPS and telemetry but neither accessory was connected at the time. Simply removing the cables solved the…"
Apr 18, 2013
Jim Mullen posted a discussion
I've read through the wiki but I'm still not clear on the distinction between the two commands and when would be the appropriate time to use them.I've upgraded from 2.8.1 to 2.9.1b. All my PID's and other settings are still the same as they were on…
Apr 7, 2013
Jim Mullen posted a discussion
Here's the specifics: APM 2.5, 2.8.1 Software, Mission Planner 1.2.40Mounted on a quad. The quad flies in stabilize mode very well. I'm hesitant to venture into any of the guided modes - here's why:Quad is sitting on the table in front of me facing…
Apr 3, 2013
Jim Mullen posted a discussion in Andropilot Users Group
I'm new at all this so go easy on me!Arduflyer 2.5, running 2.8.1 software for a quad.RCTimer 900MHz telemetry modemsGoogle Nexus 10 tabletOTG adapterWhen I plug in the adapter it is recognized by the Nexus. Andropilot runs fine, shows GPS location,…
Mar 30, 2013
Jim Mullen replied to Clinton Mills's discussion Copter Propellers Rotation (Incorrect)
The APM can not control the direction of the motors. If any of them are turning the wrong way for the arm they are installed on you have to switch any two of the three wires going from the ESC to the motor. This will reverse it's direction.…"
Feb 28, 2013
Jim Mullen posted a discussion
Hi,I'm new to the group and quadcopters, not new to R/C and have decent computer ability. Just a quick background. I've flown R/C for many more years than I'd care to admit. Planes, heli's, gas, electric, some gliders. Built most of my stuff but the…
Dec 26, 2012