Can't change parameters with Andropilot

I'm new at all this so go easy on me!

Arduflyer 2.5, running 2.8.1 software for a quad.

RCTimer 900MHz telemetry modems

Google Nexus 10 tablet

OTG adapter

When I plug in the adapter it is recognized by the Nexus. Andropilot runs fine, shows GPS location, reads in all the parameters. If I try to change a parameter when I press the OK button I get the following error in an on screen box and in the Status Messages Pane:

"Param by index not supported"

GPS display is accurate, voice messages reflect the proper mode, all parameters seem to be pulled in correctly, HUD works, RC channels are displayed and follow stick movement.

These same modems work fine with Mission Planner on the PC. I can read and write parameters as expected.

I'm sure it must be something I'm doing wrong, but I just don't see it. I select a parameter in the list, hold my finger on the selection. I get the change value box, make a change, press OK and I get the error noted above.

I also can't get it to work with a USB connection to the APM. When I plug in the cable Andropilot starts, the Status Message pane shows barometer calibration complete; GROUND START, Initialsing APM. It knows what mode I'm in, the HUD follows vehicle changes but the parameter list is never filled in nor are the RC channels shown, even though it follows a mode change made on the transmitter.

Could this possible be a problem with the OTG adapter? I've ordered a different type to try but haven't received them yet.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice


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  • Developer

    Ok - I took a look and it seems like something that was fixed in newer AC releases.  I'll change Andropilot so it will work with the older 2.8.1 release also...

  • Developer

    I've received a similar report in the past with AC 2.8.1 - I think that possibly the way I set parameters was not supported in that version.  I haven't yet gone to troll through github to see what the code looked like back then.  If anyone knows, please chime in otherwise I'll have a look later...

    Your OTG adapter is definitely fine...

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