Can Andropilot be 'tweaked' to work with FBOSD?

I've recently been playing with a Naza-M. There's a little board out that allows you to use MinimOSD and/or a pair of 3DR modems with the Naza called FBOSD. Here's a link to Jay's website:

When using the modems there is only data coming from the FC to the GCS. In order to use it with MP the author created a new version of MP that wouldn't hang when it didn't get two way communication. I tried it with with the modems and MP this evening and it worked as expected.

I also tried it with Andropilot 'hoping' it wouldn't choke on the lack of duplex communication but it did. Is there an easy way to get around this issue?

I realize this is a small subset of users (maybe only me) and of very low priority. Not really knowing much about software I don't know if it is an easy fix or a difficult one but thought I would ask.

An yes, it is pretty cool to have the MP display, even if you can't talk back to the copter. You still get GPS data including satellite info, an HUD, and battery voltage, etc which can be valuable and doesn't require FPV.

Just thought I'd ask. Andropilot is a neat program with great support, thanks for all your efforts Kevin



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  • Developer

    Here's the fix for FBOSD - going out tonight:

    Thanks again for the logs & useful ideas.

    Fixes to work with FBOSD (support sysId != 1) · geeksville/arduleader@f8420be
    An android ground controller (and other things) for Mavlink/Arduplane - geeksville/arduleader
  • Developer

    Jay and Mike - thanks for the tlog and useful discussion.  I found the problem and fixed it.  When I added support for multiple simultaneous vehicles I assumed that at least one would have a sysId of 1.  I'll put a new release out tonight.

  • The vehicle actually isn't using an APM, it's using an arduino to pull the data from the DJI NAZA IMU and it sends it out. I have the newest version of the 3DR radios. Like I said, I can get it to work fine with the Q Ground Control system.

  • Developer

    Hi guys,

    I've just done this (I think).  Can you give it a try and let me know how it goes?

  • Has any progress been made on this? I would also like to request this feature.

  • Fot what it's worth, I second this request. Andropilot looks great, thanks for your work on it

  • Developer

    It would be pretty easy actually (though obviously it wouldn't be able to do the parameter interrogation).  Can you put a bug in on the github site and I'll see if I can get to it in the next release.

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