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Mike Knott commented on TenzinR's blog post Human Flying Drone
"@John, when you have a $25 million dollar payday, and backing from Samsung, you can build pretty much anything you want..."
Dec 22, 2016
Mike Knott replied to Jason Braun's discussion Programmable drone for teaching code? Please help with info and recommendations.
"Please please PLEASE do not use a GPS repeater to bring the signal indoors. This will create all kinds of multipath issues, and will lead to a crash. If you're looking to run waypoints indoors, look into the posxy system. Ultimately, your best bet…"
Dec 2, 2016
Mike Knott replied to Bob Gann's discussion Help identifying these components
"All of that tech looks to be at least four years old. The UAV itself is an old 3DR hexacopter with 800Kv motors. The frame isn't bad, but the APM and that ground station aren't up to date. You're better off getting a pixhawk and GPS combo, and save…"
Oct 13, 2016
Mike Knott commented on Brian Riskas's blog post Heavy lift X8 and sprayer system
"Brian, do you have any pictures of the electronics layout? Very clean looking outside!"
Aug 24, 2016
Mike Knott replied to ron s's discussion iris+ will fall to ground when changing flight modes during flight in IRIS
"What I'm seeing in your log is the throttle is dropping to zero when you make each mode change. On top of that, your battery is horribly discharged. With each "flight," your 3S battery is dropping to less than 10.6v. I'd suspect your battery is…"
Aug 11, 2016
Mike Knott replied to Pat Randall's discussion Flying 3DR X8 with Pixhawk w/o GPS
"This is what you would need to do.

Apr 29, 2016
Mike Knott commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New version of APM-powered Quanum Nova copter from Hobby King
"Does anyone know if this drone can run Copter 3.3 code? "
Apr 20, 2016
Mike Knott commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ParaZero announces safety parachute for Solo
"Very nice! Does this interface with the Solo Accessory bay?"
Mar 14, 2016
Mike Knott replied to Philip's discussion What is Pixhawk 2? in Pixhawk 2 User Group
"Really looking forward to this. It's a major step up in autopilot design!"
Feb 18, 2016
Mike Knott replied to Azobe's discussion HELP! 2.4GHz FPV System refuses to get signal! in ArduCopter User Group
"Have you tried connecting the camera directly to the video input on your goggles? That should rule out the camera and camera power. From there, triple check your wiring pinouts. That's usually the problem."
Jan 26, 2016
Mike Knott replied to Wes's discussion Effects of frame design on barometer performance ( and all other non 3.3 specific AC questions)

Any info you can provide on the external baro requirements? Does the EKF fuse the two baro sensors, or do you need to disable one in the code?"
Jan 5, 2016
Mike Knott commented on Chris Anderson's blog post 3DR's evolution from micro to mass
"Excellent article! It still surprises me to see Chris Anderson posting and helping users here and drones-discuss. I hope the Iris+ isn't being phased out, I was looking at buying one soon."
Nov 2, 2015
Mike Knott commented on Randy's blog post Copter-3.3 ready for wider use
"AC3.3 has been flying great on the Tayzu Titan here."
Oct 1, 2015
Mike Knott replied to glenn drodge's discussion Lidar Lite for APM 2.x
"The APM is just out of space. If you wanted to trim down a custom firmware for the APM to run the Lidar Lite, it is very possible. But I don't see this being supported by the general population. "
Sep 18, 2015
Mike Knott replied to Cristian Rougier's discussion Catamaran electronic replace in ArduBoat User Group
"I like this hull, where did you get it?"
Aug 22, 2015
Mike Knott commented on Gary McCray's blog post Great deal on a 3 axis gimbal with Alexmos controller
I'll make sure that's sent in the morning. Sometimes you need to do a 6DOF calibration on the IMU to get a good value. Usually, though, the problem is either the IMU value is off, or the motor direction isn't set up right. I've rarely had a bad…"
Jul 16, 2015