HELP! 2.4GHz FPV System refuses to get signal!

Hello Everyone, 

My FPV set up is a 500mW 2.4Ghz system, and I cant get the VTx to establish a connection to my Vrx. I always get the "No Signal" + static on my Hobbyking DIY FPV V2's. Before I start the description, below is a list of the equipment I'm using. Pictures of my wiring, and a drawn schematic of the wiring, are available at this link --

Flight Controller: HKPilot 32 (Beautiful Hobbyking Pixhawk Clone) 

Video TransmitterTBS Unify 2G4 500mW

Video Receiver: Lawmate RX-2460

CameraQuanum Super Mini 520TVL FPV Camera

OSD: Micro OSD (Smaller MinimOSD derivative designed to perfectly fit Pixhawk & APM)

I'm pretty confident my wiring is fine, because everything seems to be getting power with all the correct LED lights lighting up. I know the camera is on because it get a bit warm too. The problem begins when I switch both my FPV systems on. I've tried all channels 1 through to 8 by adjusting the DIP switches on the RX & TX accordingly, but I still always get "No Signal". 

I've even tried connecting the vtx straight to the camera and BEC, without the OSD in the middle, and I still didn't manage to get a signal. Hence ruling out the possibility of the OSD being the problem. 

I did notice however that when I got the Antennas of the VTX and VRX very close, the constantly appearing and disappearing horizontal black lines in the screen static would disappear. They would then slowly re-appear as I brought the antennas further away from each other again. 

I am currently set on the Channel 1, 2410 Ghz band on my Vtx and Vrx. 

I've spent a lot of time, effort, and money on this, so any help on getting this work would be massively appreciated :):D

Thank You!

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  • GOOD NEWS! I just got an ImmersionRC Uno 2.4ghz receiver and everything works perfectly! I took a limb and assumed the Lawmate RX was the issue (I had no way of checking if the TX or RX was broken as I had no others to test with), and so told hobbyking that I needed to get a refund on a broken Lawmate 2.4ghz RX. They gave me a refund and even let me keep the shitty broken RX! Now that everything works with my new immersionrc RX we can establish that the lawmate was at fault. 


  • GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!.....Hobbyking accepted my refund request and added the credit to my account. And whats more, I don't have to send the item back!! Certainly made one customer very​ happy!!

  • The things I can think of are:

    1.  Set the TX on a channel and go through every switch combination on the RX.

    2.  Find someone local to you, or talk to TBS and Lawmate customer support

    • Haha, I've tried 1...and 2. I didn't know lawmate had english speaking customer support. Trying out fpv labs now. Anyways, thanks for your help so far, at least I got somewhere 

    • Have you tried connecting the camera directly to the video input on your goggles? That should rule out the camera and camera power. From there, triple check your wiring pinouts. That's usually the problem.

  • You're doing too much at once.

    Take the flight controller and the OSD out of the loop and make sure the camera, vTX, vRX and the display work as a stand alone system.  When you have that sorted out then you can add the OSD.

    With that said, there are a couple of things that can trip you up.

    First, you need to have either +12 volts going to the analog side of the OSD, or you must do the "+5 volt mod" and run +5 volts to the analog side of the board.

    Second, you need to make sure you have the video connected properly to the OSD.  One pin is an INPUT from the camera and another pin is the OUTPUT to the vTX.

    • Hi Clifton, I've even tried connecting the vtx straight to the camera and BEC, without the OSD in the middle, and I still didn't manage to get a signal. Hence ruling out the possibility of the OSD being the problem. 

      Im pretty sure my wiring is all good. I've attached a hand drawn schematic of my wiring system. It should provide a pretty clear outline of how I've hooked up everything. Do have a look at it and please let me know what you think. 

      Thanks :D

      2.4Ghz FPV Schematic1.jpg

    • I am new to this  but I seen your 2.4Ghz FPV Schematic1.jpg, and I think you need a 12v BEC on the camera, transmitter side of the OSD.

      Check to see what your camera and transmitter voltages need to be ?

      I have seen 5v cameras

    • Hi Michael, 

      Im pretty sure I've got my voltages right. All equipment is rated for 5v. No 12v FPV circuits - makes wiring so much easier. Also, the OSD video in/out side runs on 5-12V. And in my minimosd derivative, either the 5v from the telemetry or the 5v from the BEC will power the whole thing out of the box.  

    • OK, are you absolutely positive the transmitter channel frequencies match the receiver channel frequencies?

      HINT:  Fatshark and Boscam are different... 

      Another thing:  Test the display by connecting it to an old VCR, a cable tv Set Top Box, or some other source of composite video...

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