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Now with upgraded motors and batteries, for a flight time of 25 minutes. Fully APM-compatible so it supports Mission Planner, APM Planner, and Tower, with the standard 3DR radios, as shown below (you can buy them here). That's a lot of value for $330!


Building on the ground breaking success of the Quanum Nova, the Nova Pro is the next generation in GPS drone technology from Quanum.  

The Quanum Nova Pro represents our commitment to the continued development of our flagship aerial camera platform with one primary goal in mind - to provide our customers with an easy to operate, user friendly drone that is capable of professional flight performance.

And with our Nova Pro thats exactly what you get!  The perfect aerial platform for carrying your GoPro or other similar sized action cameras to shoot amazing aerial video!

The Nova Pro retains the high quality white molded body which not only looks slick but is durable and extremely light weight.  The lower body shell of the Nova integrates bright LED lights, green in the front arms and red in the rear, making orientation easy in both day and night flying. Additionally, there are two large status indicator LEDs at the rear which show the current status, such as GPS signal and battery condition.

The motors on the Nova Pro have been upgraded to the powerful and more efficient 2312 960KV size and it has a larger battery compartment to accommodate up to a 5200mAh 3S battery pack. These improvements now enable flight times of up to 25 minutes!

Arriving fully tuned and setup, you simply need to install the landing gear and props, charge the battery and fly.  It's that easy.  Headless Mode, GPS position hold, Altitude hold and Return to Launch functions are all available but thats not all, the Nova Pro is also full telemetry and mission capable.

For more advanced users or as your skills progress, the APM flight controller allows you to use Mission Planner to gain access to a whole host of programming options including selectable flight modes, GPS waypoint functionality, advanced tuning and much more!

The Nova Pro is also completely compatible with the HK Pilot Transceiver Telemetry Radio Set, taking the Nova Pro to the next level in autonomous flight programming and control and with the addition of the Quanum Bluetooth Telemetry Box, flight data and waypoint navigation can be completely and is conveniently wireless.  

Yes it's a great flying machine but lets get down to its real business, the Nova Pro is all about aerial camera work so it has been designed to be directly compatible with both our Quanum Q-2D and Q-3D brushless gimbals.  Simply bolt-on your preferred Quanum gimbal and connect it to the integrated gimbal control plugs on the bottom of the Nova Pro. The on-board connections provide power and axis control for either of the Quanum gimbals we recommend and you have a truly versatile and professional "camera ship".

The Quanum Nova Pro is an amazing piece of technology that will enable you to shoot professional level aerial video and we know that once you've compared the features, functionality, flight performance and price of other GPS quadcopters on the market today, the Quanum Nova Pro will rise above the crowd.

• Multiple preset flight modes such as Manual, Stable (loiter), Direction Locked (simple), Altitude Hold and Return to Home
• GPS waypoint mission capable through Mission Planner, advanced tuning and much more (for Advanced users)
• USB port for connection to your PC
• Precision GPS, compass and altitude sensors
• Q-2D and Q-3D brushless camera gimbal ready (sold separately)
• On-board tilt/roll control and power connections for use with optional brushless camera gimbal
• Low voltage battery protection initiates blinking LEDs and audible buzzer when flight battery is low
• Easy to see LEDs provide excellent visibility in both day or night flying
• Fully compatible with HKPilot Telemetry Transceiver Set with built in Telemetry Tray
• Fully compatible with Quanum Telemetry Box
• Programmable navigation capable through 3D Robotics Tower App

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  • When are Hobbyking going to support Ardupilot officially? I know I have harped on about this to certain people in the project but people need to get on their case and Ardupilot needs to get more organized about this. I do not understand why they are getting plugged all the time here - it is not as of they need it. Hobbyking though, unlike Banggood or GLB, do have a marketing budget and care slightly more about reputation among hobbyists. They should be forwarding a donation to all open source projects when they are selling hardware based on them. This would be a win for them as it would be a differentiation from the other Chinese discounters. 

    If they really want to be clever and pro-active, why not collect an extra, voluntary, donation at checkout? 

    Hobbyking should start becoming part of the answer instead of being part of the problem. 

  • haha nice. I have a Phantom 3 which does work great but has the no fly zones that are preventing me from getting a field for a client next to a sleepy airport. I tried the SOLO but that thing fails too frequently to be useful (in my case constant signal loss even at 50 feet away)

    So I need an APM powered drone just for this one area and I am thinking this would do the trick nicely

  • Yes, but IMO, it's just an introductory drone.  It'll take anyone pretty far up the learning curve for a few hundred dollars.  I have one of the original ones ($180), and it's still flying well after hundreds of flights on the original motors and ESCs. I've had lots of fun modding it and using it as a software test platform.  It even fell out of the sky from 80 meters once when I found/reported a bug in an AC 3.2 beta.  It cost $30 to get it flying again :)

  • Wait so can I use the TOWER app to run missions on this thing, such as mapping a field?

  • chris, sorry to say, the quality of PCB and electronics of this bird is not upto the mark. I happened  to open up one last year. cheap circuitry.

  • I believe the FC is a APM 2.x clone so it'll run Arducopter 3.2.1.  There's a very active thread on rcgroups for the CX20 at http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2112759. The CX20 is a great starter quad, but most people move on to Pixhawk copter with more reliable components when they get serious. 

    One advantage of buying the RTF version is that they test the RTF's at the factory which is as much QA as you can get from China.  After you get the RTF, you can upgrade the transmitter and receiver to a Taranis.

    Not meaning to hijack this discussion, but if you think you might be interested in this clone (or any Pixhawk/APM) with a Taranis, please check out http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2529072  .  There are a few things that are very unique to this project.

  • Does anyone have the original, and can attest to build quality? It looks kind of cheap plastic toy, to me, but the rest of the specs seem pretty good. I may have to give it a try. Maybe put the guts on something else.
  • I am not a DJI Phantom fan, but I quite like the design of the Quantum Nova Quad.

  • Actually you do not want the RTF model if you own a Taranis. The $280 ARF model would be better for most. You can add a proper FrSky telemetry receiver and add a mini-pixhawk or even a Pixracer (with wifi) as it looks like the 8-bit FC would come right out if you wished. May be worth adding a decent gimbal and some of these: http://www.banggood.com/Eachine-Electronic-Retractable-Folding-Land...

    Still some DIY but I am guessing it would be easy enough and likely not break $400 all-in if you have a useable gimbal and Rx.

  • 3D Robotics

    Mike: I think it's based on the older APM 8-bit controller, so probably cannot run anything that requires Pixhawk or above. (3.3 and up)

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