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I am an IT Engineer and an RC Enthusiastic.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I've been flying model planes, helicopters for the last 8 years. And now I have a strong interest in UAVs. I've been flying quadcopters for just under a year, I have crashed many and several months ago built myself a $2500 dollars quadcopter, for the sake of learning, experimenting and developing my skills. I find UAVs very interesting, and I have always enjoyed playing with electronics that's one of the reasons, why I like UAVs. I've also been undertaking some PPL training...



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Francisco K replied to Jason Franciosa's discussion Alternative to 3DR Pixhawk
"The HolyBro Pixhawk FC is a good alternative to replace the current 3DR Pixhawk."
Sep 4, 2016
Francisco K replied to Doug Adduci's discussion Warning! Don't Try This At Home Kids (radio fail safe test disaster)
"Clifton Hipsher said:
" Bottom line - DO NOT live test the radio fail safe mode with a Frsky Taranis transmitter - Crap!"
I wouldn't go so far as to say that.  I've tested this same fail safe with a Taranis X9E and a FlySky TH9X, but the difference…"
Aug 23, 2016
Francisco K commented on Marc MERLIN's blog post Pixfalcon and Brotronics PowerTowerRX review for use in a 7 channel plane
"Interesting, I want to get a Pixfalcon too. Did you find any other issues while flying with this flight controller, besides the OSD issue? Also, did you manage to do a Loiter test? Thanks"
Jul 18, 2016
Francisco K replied to mark bellncula's discussion Battery Issue???
"I haven't used the QGC yet, only the Mission Planner, so I am not very familiar with it. But there has to be a setting in the QGC, where you can adjust the battery values or setting in general, have you had a look at that?"
Jun 30, 2016
Francisco K replied to Anton Vanhoucke's discussion 433 Mhz dipole vs. GPS: total decimation
"BECs have low RF noise, so replacing it, won't make any difference.
The RF Explorer units are great for troubleshooting this sort of interference problems, but they aren't cheap."
Jun 26, 2016
Francisco K replied to Anton Vanhoucke's discussion 433 Mhz dipole vs. GPS: total decimation
"I have the same type of aircraft as you have.
Its flying with the Pixhawk and the 3dR GPS module.
I am also using the 3dR 433Mhz telemetry radio and have no issues with the GPS getting a satellite lock.
I would certainly, make sure that the…"
Jun 23, 2016
Francisco K commented on Rustom Jehangir's blog post First Official ArduSub-Powered Underwater Vehicle: The BlueROV2
"@Rustom Jehangir where did you guy buy those side joysticks from? I quite like how you guys set it up to the tablet."
Jun 22, 2016
Francisco K commented on Jonas Bohlin's blog post Using drones with thermal camera to map prescribed forest fire
"Those thermal cameras are great, but they are a bit expensive though."
Jun 22, 2016
Francisco K replied to Tony Galvin's discussion Looking for drone that can carry things?
"OP, check out the http://www.ecalc.ch/ calculator. It will help, you choose the parts for your drone."
Jun 7, 2016
Francisco K replied to Randy's discussion AC-3.1 autotune support discussion
"Every frame is built differently, so the PID values could increase or decrease.
When the autotune is engaged, it tries to find a tune that works best for your frame.
Sometimes, you will find that, even after an autotune, you still have to adjust the…"
May 12, 2016
Francisco K commented on Jose Alberto Soler's blog post Airstring. Easy to install, small footprint, GSM Telemetry
"@Jose Alberto Soler, personally I quite like the idea of having a GSM telemetry on a drone. From a PPL pilot perfective, if the data could be uploaded in real time to a map-based website, I will then have live information concerning the altitude and…"
May 5, 2016
Francisco K commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New Solo chute system released at AUVSI
"Solo is gonna bit a little bit heavy."
May 5, 2016
Francisco K commented on Dmitry Prokhorov's blog post 3D printed addon set for DJI F550
"What flight time are you getting from this hexa? Thanks."
Apr 26, 2016
Francisco K commented on Chris Anderson's blog post New version of APM-powered Quanum Nova copter from Hobby King
"I am not a DJI Phantom fan, but I quite like the design of the Quantum Nova Quad."
Apr 20, 2016
Francisco K commented on Darrell Burkey's blog post Mapping with A Flying Wing
"I hate the idea of having to hand launch a flying wing. I would prefer, if they could design a flying wing with retractable undercarriage."
Apr 19, 2016
Francisco K replied to Charles Linquist's discussion Intentionally shutting off motors in mid-flight then recovery
"I've never pulled the entire throttle down, but instead, I lowered it enough so that, the copter could come down much faster.
While the copter was coming down, I tried flying it in a downward slope, rather than in a straight line.
I find letting it…"
Apr 18, 2016