3D printed addon set for DJI F550

I using DJI Flame Wheel frames as workhorse for my experiments with drones. They are really robust, cheap and lightweight. Lack of room for modules is the only problem with them.

So I implemented 3rd floor board to mount FMC and companion computer over battery and bottom mount for Tarot FY680 landing gears. All STL files are published at Thingiverse


Also bottom mount could be modified to mount a rail system. All parts printed of ABS, they are fit into frame really well and can be used as a base for your custom designs.

Feel free to use and modify it.

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  • I performed flight tests and have to admit that flight time is definitely bad, it is about 8 minutes with 3300 mAh battery used. Copter weight w/o battery is about 1710 gm, including 146 gm of landing gears and 45 gm of cctv camera. So it seems wasn't a good idea to use FY680 landing gears with F550 frame kit (it includes 2212 920kv motors and E300 ESCs).

  • Haven't performed flight tests yet. I going to do it in a few days and will report it here. But I can see in advance that resulted frame weight is over optimal value. I going to use this hexa as a testbed for custom modes and equipment, so flight time isn't so important for this case.

  • What flight time are you getting from this hexa? Thanks.

  • Cool, I started off with the F450 but as you found quickly ran out of space to do stuff, which is a shame as it's a brilliant cheap platform.  Bottom rails would be awesome!

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