• I know this is old, but just finished building my quad and keen to fly with other people

  • Did you get your drone racing and going?

    I'm keen to get in on it..

  • I am!! Im trying to establish a racing drone meeting in darwin. You into that??
    • Nice mate. Ill be there at 8am....9am if im lazy. Ill have a 50cc sbach, trex 600, adddiction xl and a plane with rego VH SEX haha. See you tomorrow. The vortex (immersion) looks great. I like the folding arms.
    • About every 2 weeks. Im goin there this sunday. You go often? Yeah I couldnt find an rtf with everything I wanted so opted to build.
    • I usually go on Saturdays, but lately I have been unable to, due to my NTES training.

      If I am not on training this weekend I will go.

      Anyhow, has customized race quads and has their own FPV Race Quad as well.

      I like the ImmersionRC race quad (Vortex 285 - FPV Race Quad) has almost everything you need.

    • Sounds good man. Im a member of eastpoint! I literally just bought skyzone v3 3d goggle and an emax 250 pro with everything. I also have a quanum trifecta race tricopter!! We need to do this!!
    • That Emax 250 looks nice. I've been deciding on whether, I should scrap build a mini racing quad or buy an RTF one. I might as well as build one, since I've already built a full size quad with the DJI F450 flamewheel.

      I am also a member of East Point. How often do you go to East Point?

    • I've been meaning to get into racing drones for quite sometime now.

      But I've only been doing normal flying and FPV stuff.

      So yeah, I am in.

      Are you a member of any air-club in Darwin?

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