Looking for drone that can carry things?

I am looking for a drone that is capable of carrying a box or bag with an object inside weighing up to 2 kilograms (4.5 pounds).


It only needs to be able to fly for a maximum total flight time of 5 minutes over a maximum total distance of 50 meters and a maximum flying height of 20 meters.


Can you recommend the best drone models for this purpose? Are there any off-the-shelf consumer drones that can meet my needs and criteria above, or do I need a custom-modified drone for this?


Apparently these drones are capable of doing what I have in mind. Can you help me to identify what are these drone models, and where I can obtain them?


Bottle Service delivery by drone at Marquee Dayclub in Las Vegas:



Rakuten hamburger delivery by drone at golf course in Japan:



Thank you very much for your help.


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  • Our XL Pro can do this. Here is a test we did with Discovery channel where it lifted 8 pounds. www.easyaerial.com

  • I have a large quadcopter for sale. Check out the pics on my Profile. Email me if you are interested.

  • Llol 50 meters.. get off your ass and walk it over.

    But really you will need a large "drone" to have a payload of 2KG. Maybe like an octo or large hex.

    • Why do I get the feeling that 50m includes a wall designed to prevent humans climbing it? ;-)

      • lol.  That's all I could think when reading the usage requirements.

      • OP, check out the http://www.ecalc.ch/ calculator. It will help, you choose the parts for your drone.

        • T3

          Well I wouldn't recommend ecalc for a newbie... especially one who want to buy off the shelf.  I actually don't particularly like that tool, but to each their own.

    • It's an old video now, but here's the size of craft you'll need for 2kg:

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