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Retired IBMer..living in Nova Scotia, Canada

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Built a 450 size quad. Fully loaded.



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glenn drodge replied to Josh Gluck's discussion ArduPPM sbus support.. I'm confused
"You don't need a converter. just new software and a couple of pin jumpers to program your apm. But it does work

Dec 8, 2015
glenn drodge replied to glenn drodge's discussion Lidar Lite for APM 2.x
"Thanks Diane, I have looked at that link. I was hoping it might work with the APM board. I know that my Lidar works because I have hooked it up to an arduino. The APM is an arduino so I am hoping there is a way to interface them.

Thanks for the…"
Sep 18, 2015
glenn drodge posted a discussion
Hello, I am new to this forum and was hoping someone could help with wiring my LidarLite to an APM board. I have searched but can find no wiring diagram for Lidar and APM. Pixhawk no problem as I can find many examples but none for APM. Can anyone…
Sep 18, 2015