Sorry, I was googling around and found this:

Shows there is a new version of the PPM encoder that support native sbus and has a link to the firmware.  What I can't figure out is why every were else I look, it says sbus is not supported without an external hw sbus to cppm converter.  Can someone set me straight on this?  All the posts I could find about lack of Sbus support were from 2012.  I have an APM2.5 that I would like to get native sbus support on.



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Hello, very interesting solution, I update my APM and it works with my taranis and X8R receiver :)

Only a thing after this upgrade I'm no more able to open the terminal connection i.e. for download flash data logs.

Did somebody seen this behavior  ?



Sorry, another ask, where did you took the *.hex file ?



Hi, files seem to be provided from , please check the following link:

In regards to your first question, terminal connections are not available anymore (since 3.2 release). Telemetry logs can now be downloaded via mavlink. Reference I found:

Any news on this?

I also stumbled across aforementioned video and flashed the hex file onto my HKpilot 2.7 (APM clone) which I had previously running on on a CPPM receiver which I canibalised from my old DJI Phantom v1 quad (and which I used with the phantom remote that came with it).

It seems to work fine, meaning I can see my RX channels moving up and down when I hook up my FrSky X8R and Taranis. However I had the impression the reaction time was slower than with the CPPM phantom remote, so I wanted to switch back to the phantom remote to double-check, only when I tried to do this (swapped X8R out with DJI RX), it was not working anymore, so it seems this hex file breaks/removes CPPM support in favor of SBUS.

I also find it strange that almost 6 months after this post there is still very little to be found on APM SBUS support, to me this fields like a project/experiment someone started, but did not (or was not able to) complete successfully (hence the slow reaction time I noticed?). If this is true this could potentially be buggy code, I'm reluctant to let my quad take off with this, anything could happen...

I've been using it for a while with no issues I noticed (orangeRX SBUS receiver).

You don't need a converter. just new software and a couple of pin jumpers to program your apm. But it does work


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