Lidar Lite for APM 2.x

Hello, I am new to this forum and was hoping someone could help with wiring my LidarLite to an APM board. I have searched but can find no wiring diagram for Lidar and APM. Pixhawk no problem as I can find many examples but none for APM. Can anyone shed any light on this matter?



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  • This says that the Lidar Lite is only supported on the pixhawk

    Note: This rangefinder is only supported on the Pixhawk running APM:Copter or APM:Plane 3.3 or higher (as well as Rover 2.49 or higher).

    Here's the link:

    • Thanks Diane, I have looked at that link. I was hoping it might work with the APM board. I know that my Lidar works because I have hooked it up to an arduino. The APM is an arduino so I am hoping there is a way to interface them.

      Thanks for the quick response. :)


      • I'm no expert and am very new to building rc anything.

        I built my first F450 quad a month ago so that is my extent of rc expert  knowledge.

        However the page did say it was only supported on pixhawk  3.3 and higher for copter and planes. I believe that APM 2.X end of life was firmware 3.2.   

        • The APM is just out of space. If you wanted to trim down a custom firmware for the APM to run the Lidar Lite, it is very possible. But I don't see this being supported by the general population. 

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