Copter Propellers Rotation (Incorrect)

I am just about done putting together a Hexacopter using my own parts. I have connected all of the BEC to the Output of the ArduPilot like mentioned in the APM2 Motor Order Documentation (

When I test each motor all but motor #3 spins in a counter clockwise motion. The documentation says that motor #1 and #6 need to spin clockwise as well. Is there something I need to do to switch how the motor rotates? I would assume this would be controlled by the Output number the motor goes to, but I dont really know.

I also see mention of using a pusher propeller on the clockwise rotations and a normal one on the counter clockwise. I bought the 7x6E propellers. Do i have to buy special propellers?

Please let me know.


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  • Clinton,

    The APM can not control the direction of the motors. If any of them are turning the wrong way for the arm they are installed on you have to switch any two of the three wires going from the ESC to the motor. This will reverse it's direction.

    Pusher props are the exact opposite of regular props. You can't flip a regular prop over and it becomes a pusher, it just becomes a less efficient regular propeller :) So yes, you need to purchase three pusher props (plus some spares!)

    So you should:

    1. Use the motors command to make sure each motor is spinning in the correct direction. Any motor turning the wrong way change it's direction by reversing (swapping) any two of the three wires going from the ESC to the motor. Sometimes it is hard to see the direction of the motor, wrap a little 'flag' of masking tape around the shaft and it makes it more visible.

    2. The three motors turning clockwise (CW) need to have pusher propellers.

    Hope this helps,


  • T3
    I'm assuming you have a hex. You need to follow the wiki with regards to the correct prop type (normal or pusher) and rotation or you copter will flip instantly on take off. Also make sure you APM is facing the correct direction for you configuration X or +. If you realize that some motors are not spinning in the correct direction, you can simply switch the connection of any 2 of the 3 wires running to the motor. Rember you can run a motor test from the command line or terminal interface. Type test, then motors. Should spin the motors 1 at a time. Make sure you don't have the props attached for safety. Have fun and fly safe.
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