New AndroPilot Android GCS release 1.4.05

Here's the new 10" specific layout for large format tablets...


Alas - I was super busy with work this week, but I wanted to get out this release with a couple of fixes (Rana, I still haven't found the cause of the UDP upload from tablet - I'll work on that next week).

This release is only on github right now, because I consider it slightly beta:

# 1.4.05
* Apply altitude changes to markers immediately (so if the user clicks on GOTO etc... without clicking Done it will do the right thing)
* Use best possible altitude on hud view
* Add an optimized view layout for 10" tablets in portrait mode (Such as the beautiful Nexus 10" - Thank you anonymous Googler for the gift!)
* Don't say 'underscore' when reading out modes

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  • Developer

    Hi guyz, here a video of my latest short test with this Andropilot release.
    There are some things that should be improved, but it is a great comfort.
    For example I could not get out from "follow me",the only way I've found is to remove the telemetry, there's a lot of lag during repositioning and Auto command is ignored.
    Apart from this my congratulations and respect for Kevin.


  • Kevin,

    Will this eventually show up in the Play store? I hate to sound stupid but I have no idea how to pull down the hexfile to my tablet and update to the new version. I did a Google search but didn't find anything I could understand. If you could point me to a how to link that would be great.

    I have one of those 10" Nexus tablets and the new layout looks super.

    Thanks for all your efforts for the community.


  • Hi Kevin, its nice to see this release but port forwarding in TCP & UDP are not working in this release also.

This reply was deleted.