I've read through the wiki but I'm still not clear on the distinction between the two commands and when would be the appropriate time to use them.

I've upgraded from 2.8.1 to 2.9.1b. All my PID's and other settings are still the same as they were on 2.8.1. Which one of the commands (reset or erase) will reset the PID's to the 2.9.1b defaults but not require changing or redoing radio calibration, ESC calibration, etc.

I took the quad out for a spin in stable mode and it appears to fly the same as it did before the upgrade, FWTW.



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  • T3
    I believe that reset and erase are basically the same. I think reset reboots the APM. I first save my PIDs, then I do both an erase and reset(habit), then the firmware update, then a compare of PIDs in the advance PID tab. Depending on the upgrade depends on which PIDs I bring back. Radio settings, flight modes, fail safe setting and switch 7 options are some that I bring back. Hope this helps.
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