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I spun up my new 700L Dominator the other day and found out i cannot Arm the  copter with my Tx. I was able to arm it via the computer. I double checked all my controls and all are moving in the correct direction. I am sure I am missing something. (User error) 

I switched on Channel 8 and then moved the left stick to the lower right (Mode 2). Nothing happens. I switch on channel 8 and click on arm/disarm on the laptop and it arms.

Another point.

I am using a high voltage Power module on the main motor and a separate BEC for the Avionics. The PM is sending the motor battery voltage and amps to the Pix hawk and the separate BEC is sending power to the power module voltage in on the pix hawk. Anyway, So the problem is i power up the pix hawk with out powering the motor and the Fail safe for low voltage comes on. Is there a way to disable the fail safe until i plug in the motor batteries so that I can set up missions etc.... with out the motors plugged in.



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  • Hi Joseph, Ch8 needs to be off to be able to arm.  It's a protection so the motor doesn't start as soon as you arm.  It also allows you to turn off the motor while the copter is still armed.

    As for the failsafe... I would think that it would reset the failsafe when you disarm?

    • Thanks rob, Last weekend i tried arming and disarming as you noted and it didn't work. I tried it again last night and it worked. So as i suspected user error. 

      Regarding the failsafe issue, The copter is not armed yet so it goes to failsafe prior to plugging in the motor batt. So if I am understanding you correctly just arm the copter and then disarm the copter but without engaging channel 8 and the failsafe will reset? am i understanding that correctly? 

      Thanks for the help.

      • I think if you plug in the battery before arming, you should be OK.  And wait about a minute before trying to arm.  There's a very slow low-pass filter on teh battery voltage, so it takes a bit of time to come up from 0 volt to the actual voltage.  You should see that in the HUD when you plug it in.

        Otherwise, if the logic is that it only resents on disarming then... that's what you'll have to do.  It shouldn't be like that though.

        I really wish I had more time to work on it, this is one of the things I wanted to fix up in the project.

        • Roger that. 

          Something to put on the wish list for the next versions right? So Ideally the Copter would not go to failsafe when you first turn the avionics (Pixhawk) on. Only after it sees the voltage above the min. and then drops below... 

          I will put your suggestion to the test later. 

          Thanks for the help. 


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