issues arming my antenna tracker


i have a pixhawk connected to mission planner and am using it as an antenna tracker. i have two servos connected into a frame i rapid prototyped. the problem i am having seems so simple but i can't seem to arm my tracker. i get the green flashing lights on the pixhawk but i can't seem to get the solid green light. any help would be much appreciated

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  • did you find a solution for that issue... i have the same problem

  • I have been trying to get mine to work with no luck either. I get an error message when I try to arm saying MAV won't allow the command. I'm clueless but would love to know the solution if you figure it out.
    • how exactly are you trying to arm it?

      • In mission planner under actions. The arm button sends an error and the tracker sits there looking expensive doing nothing. Lol
        • Keith, i managed to get mine working by reinstalling the firmware of my copter and then using the wizard to set it up. the only issue i have now it that gps connectivity isn't great. 

          • I have tried that too. Could you send me a picture or two of your setup? I have to be missing something. I have the telemetry connected on uart2, servos powered by a sbec, apm connected with usb, I can switch between the tracker and plane using control x but the tracker will not arm. I'm wondering if there is a fail safe somewhere that needs to be disabled. I don't know but I'm starting to get frustrated.
            • Unfortunately its in the office. are you using a pixhawk? 

              i read somewhere that if you go into config and tuning in mission planner and then go down to the telemetry line, check all the values. they should be all be between 2 and 5. if you look at the HUD of the quadcopter, it should move and there should be a movement in vertical speed. otherwise the link is not functioning and it won't lock on. there is no arm button. it should arm itself when it connects to the vehicle 

              sorry but i am a beginner at this and could really say i sort of lucked into fixing it

              • I have a pixhawk on the plane and a apm2.6 on the tracker. All those setting are between 2-5. I read that too. Thanks for all your help and would love a pic or two when you get the chance
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