Yo Comunity. We have a Sony FDR AX53 mounted on our gimbal on our big quad. The stabilisation is fantastic. We purchased a gentwire 181 interface to control zoom and record and photos and video.

It doesn't work.

We tested the cable on a the Sony FDR – AX53 (one of the cameras listed on their site) .  When the camera and RC receiver are first turned on the zoom works without a problem. We can take photos without a problem. However, once the camera is switched to record, all other functionality is lost; no zoom, no photos and the camera cannot be switched from record. This makes the cable pretty much useless. To restore any functionality, I have to power off the RC receiver and the camera. Once I put power back on, I have zoom and photos and I can start record, but again, I lose all other functionality.

Has anyone else had issues controlling sony cameras through the Sony multiport with the gent-wire 181?

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