Has anybody experienced metal screws of the mount loosening due to vibration?

I have not even able to take off my drone yet due to a bad legs shipment but after turning on the motors for testing for couple of minutes found out that one of the roll screws and one of the pitch had came off..

How you have fixed that?


Also, when loaded with the gopro hd, the pitch servo movement with the default servo provided by jdrones is very jerky.

Could this be beacuse the servo has not enough torque to move the camera?


What servos are you using?





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I guess metal screws should be fixed with blue threadlock, otherwise they will tend to loosen.

I have added some Loctite Blue to the screws. Lets se how it works.


Any idea about the servos?

 so are you  happy with this cameramount?  Thinking of getting it, but it looks so flimsy.

Yes, quite happy, jdrones support is almost non-existant, no answer to emails but i have been able to workaround my issues.



Sadly I have had a similar experience to you from jdrones in regards to email responses. My last three emails sent after I received motors different from that advertised on the web site went unanswered.

I have found a lot of the nuts an bolt sets from this company have questionable tolerances, so they tend to come loose. I use a threadlock from Tamiya the model company. Its not too hard so wont cause you maintenace issues i.e easy to remove.

Another tip. I place a small piece of heat shrink over bolts which have exposed threads e.g on the jdrones landing legs. This is done to reduce possible intererence from metal against metal vibration.

One other alternative is to find a speciality fastener shop which specializes in small nuts and bolts in stainless steel and other metals. You will get better quality and there are options for minature nylon lock nuts which will handle vibration better. Rule of thumb: use finer thread bolts in applications were they might be subjected to vibration and high strength is not required :-). The jdrones metal bolts I recieved are not the best quality in the thread department.

I have been using small metric nylon centered lock nuts and bolts from this manufacturer in my RC Heli's for years. I mostly use nylon bolts in my multicopters, but there is still some areas needing metal parts.


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