Jeti ESC issues

I've been pulling my hair out(what little is left!) trying to diagnose why my ardupilot setup worked as expected except for the throttle response. Finally traced it to my ESC. I have the Jeti advance 40 ESC controlling an AXI motor. Replaced it with a Jeti Eco model ESC and now everything works. Has anyone else had problems with the Jeti advance models of ESC?Thanks,Bryan

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  • Nice tip, I was planning to use  jeti 40amp with plettenberg motors
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    I have used R/C equipment with my robotic rovers, but never with a model airplane so I need to learn how to fly a model plane.

    I have built two EZ*s. One will be used to learn to fly a model plane and the other for Ardupilot experimentation.

    I have been flying the EZ* simulator and am awaiting the arrival of a Spektrum DX5 transmitter and AR500 receiver. I plan to use the DX5/AR500 in the practice EZ* as I do not want to sacrifice my better R/C gear in a plane crash which I am sure will happen.

    Once I get the hang of flying a model plane, I plan to graduate to the two TwinStar IIs that I have just about finished building and plan to use for aerial photography.

  • TCIII,
    When are you going to start flying your Easystar with Ardupilot? I like the intelligent, unbiased feedback you provide.
  • In general brushless motor controllers are a little weird.

    I had a lot of problems with startup on the some of the castle creation brushless ESCs, however they worked a lot better after a firmware update. The techsupport from castle creations was able to sort out the problem fairly quickly and they offer a programming cable that allows you to update the firmware and adjust some settings.

    A lot of the problems can be related to the commutation necessary to get the motors to work and for many controllers there are things like governors and throttle up delays built in to prevent the motor from desynchronising from the controller. Newer controllers have less problems in general.
  • Just tried my setup with a Castle Creations ESC and it worked fine. It's got to be something peculiar with the Jeti Advance models.
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