JOYSTICK CONTROL I think Ive found something interesting!



I have been a fan of  drones ( be it fixed wing, quad, or tricopter ) for a long time.

I love the concept of FPV, and am currently trying to build my first.


I found a really awsome little bit of hardware that transforms your RC TX from hands on - to sitting on a table ....while you fly with your JOYSTICK!


The units is called an " FPV SYSTEM  1.5 " in basic terms, you simply plug a cable ( included ) in with the kit, into the  Master control port on your RC's TX. - from there simply set your channels up for either mode 1 or mode 2 ( you DO need to make your adjustments only once ) then - just flip the switch to MASTER on your TX an your up!


The TX controls are disabled, and your joystick now runs your aircraft.

check out the link below - I'm seriously considering getting one but I will of course do more research on it.


The units cost is $75 if you go an search their website, you will find it -along with lots of other ods and ends for FPV an RC,


Hope this helps

cheers all.! - check out the link below....

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Sounds a lot like a copy of the existing PCTx PC to TX interface.



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