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I have always had a desire to combine software with flight. I can remember even as a kid, I'd do things like build plastic models and then include moving landing gear and paint small blubs and insert them to re-create landing lights and NAV lights and connect it all to a wooden base which hid the batteries. ( long time ago now though lol )! I like to design new aircraft features and love solving problems that are based around aerodynamics.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am new to arduino, but I have a good understanding of computers. RC aircraft experience? - average, but I am presently learning fixed wing with a lot of mods I design myself. Im just starting with quads and tri-copter projects.


Sydney NSW

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Rick replied to Marcos Costa's discussion 18'-20' CW and CCW propellers?
"My thoughts exactly! - I haven't found any yet - but BELIEVE ME!....Im ALSO looking!!!
Mar 25, 2012
Rick replied to Marcos Costa's discussion Ardupilot Quad - Circuit board position
"Hi there,
I'm relatively new to quads myself but I don't think from a logical perspective that would work.
here's how I figure it....
If  the board reads data ( changes in degrees ) from a central position, then no matter which way it tilts, the…"
Mar 25, 2012
Rick replied to Brad Hughey's discussion The Case for Large-Scale Electric Multicopters
"Very interesting perspective and I'm looking forward to reading more on this..

Mar 25, 2012
Rick commented on Dan Sibisan's blog post Concept Quadcopter with retractable landing gear.
"Quick question for Dan...
I just read your post  and looked at the 3 pics you included with it. - the one that REALLY interest's me is the all black shell - ( second picture down ) ..do you have any information on what this is called or where to get…"
Mar 25, 2012
Rick commented on Chris Anderson's blog post A newbie's guide to UAVs
"Hi there, I'm putting this under the heading of "Newbie" because I really am at this - Ive made a sketch that will allow ( in theory) an auto hover for a quad. What I CANT figure out is how to make a sketch talk between my Arduino and my RC…"
Mar 18, 2012
Rick replied to Marius Grigonis's discussion Skywalker landing gear
"Hi there Marius.
There is a guy on youtube that flies one especially for FPV that uses landing gear and tail steer.

Here's the link to a youtube video of his ( there are lots of really great videos actually ) - very helpful......…"
Mar 14, 2012
Rick replied to John Grouse's discussion Anyone have an Arduino Uno Sketch for sonar - throttle alt hold
"Hi there!
I'm actually trying to do EXACTLY the same thing as you are..... ( except mines not for a Uno ) - just a mega.
I've only JUST starting to program with Arduino, but can I possibly take a look at what you have so far?,- ( possibly ) between…"
Mar 13, 2012
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Mar 13, 2012
Rick posted a discussion
G-day guys, and greetings from Sydney Australia.I have a question regarding "Y" Copters....Ive seen PROP configurations that say one prop needs to spin in reverse, and yet, - on others Ive seen all 3 props spin in the SAME direction....which way is…
Mar 4, 2012
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Aug 31, 2011
Rick posted a discussion
G-day, I have been a fan of  drones ( be it fixed wing, quad, or tricopter ) for a long time.I love the concept of FPV, and am currently trying to build my first. I found a really awsome little bit of hardware that transforms your RC TX from hands…
Aug 31, 2011