Concept Quadcopter with retractable landing gear.


Concept Quadcopter with retractable landing gear.

I've been working on this idea for the last 2-3 weeks, and if all goes well, I’ll start
the machining the parts soon for the 1st proto frame.


* 100% carbon fiber material in all body parts

* Retractable landing gear from Transmitter (maybe if possible with the use of sonar, auto
retractable or deployment if distance from ground > 2m)

* Foldable arms for easy transport in a Heavy Duty Case

* Main Body from molded Carbon Fiber sheet ( not yet implemented in renders )..

* Heavy Lifter (if possible 1 or 1,5 kg )

It well be a real challenge for me because this is my 1st DIY project .

When I well have the full frame tested, I’ll post all building instructions and Acad files
, if somebody is interested in making this frame for their personal use .





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  • Quick question for Dan...

    I just read your post  and looked at the 3 pics you included with it. - the one that REALLY interest's me is the all black shell - ( second picture down ) you have any information on what this is called or where to get one?

    It's exactly what I'm after.

    many thanks in advance.

  • The Falcons starting to look a bit dated these days isn't it lol

    I'd like to believe propellers will be obsolete in less than a hundred years because I won't be around to see it otherwise.

    I enjoy taking on tasks that seem impossible, it makes trying all the more worthwhile. I can see the cost+weight benefit in encapsulating a quad plus it would be one step to addressing the question of safety which I think should be a priority for all fliers right now to try and prevent the UK CAA rulings becoming a global headache.

    If the world gets tough on Quads (specifically those with on-board cameras which is one of the cool things to add to a Quad).. then it's only a matter of time before we all end up grounded, or flying low around short courses = (
  • Sure John
    When ill have it done , il post here the updates .
  • Moderator
    Anyway, sorry to take your thread off-topic Dan. If you can keep the mechanism weight down, it's definitely something I'd go for! Nice drawings, too, by the way. REALLY interested in getting a look at your molded body concept... You've got some modeling ahead!
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    Sure, there's a possibility of damage/injury even with capacitive sensing, but at least we could minimize the mangling :) Like I said, it's proven in an industrial setting. I'd like to see it implemented natively in the ESC for ultimate timely response.
  • abb_millenniumFalcon.jpg

    :)) if this is your ideas of a encapsulated quad, buy the time we are to build something like this for hobby use , the propellers would be obsolete for at less 100 years , so I think the encapsulated body for a quad remains an impossible task .
  • In fact (and I don't mean to sound like an uber-geek) I think the design I've got in mind might resemble the Millennium Falcon, but black, sleek, and undetectable to CAA radars (if there's such a thing).

    And with retractable landing gear too Dan, and maybe a storage bay for dropping off supplies to anyone in need of rescue?

    The area around the props would need to pass air freely but look encapsulated.

    How's that for an impossible challenge = )
  • That's an interesting idea John and frankly I'm surprised no one's thought to do that yet.

    But I'd still like to see a completely encapsulated design, lightweight and unquestionably safe for all ages. If people can't see the props they won't feel threatened by them, nor will they need to understand the concept of capacitive sensing brakes which is a really nice idea = )
  • I`m not sure the response from that is quick enof to stop the motor before making the damage.
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    How about implementing capacitive sensing on a set of CF props to brake the motors when coming into contact with our "victim"? It seems to have good results on tablesaws...
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